Blazer's First Kiss

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After enjoying a nice Summer day together, Benny and Blazer enjoy some quality time together..

Learning To Dive

Blazer stood nervously on the edge of the cliff. he watched the waves crash into the pointed rocks. His face turned red, his armpits became pools of sweat. Blazer rubbed his bare chest. Benny floated in the ocean on her back. Her chest sticking out of the water. "Come on Blazer," she said trying to encourage the boy. "It's easy just jump."

Blazer shook nervously. "I can't do this!" he yelled down to her.

"Yes you can," she yelled back "I've seen you dive from the diving board at school during practice and swim meets."

"That's only three meters," he said.

Benny called back to him "Come on," she said waving her arms "I'll be here to help you."

Blazer smiled, he took a deep breath and held his nose before he jumped into the air.
The boy closed his eyes and stretched out his arms making an almost perfect dive into the water' Benny swam over as he surfaced. Blazer spit out some salt water. "You did it," she said hugging him "I'm so proud of you." Blazer blushed all over his body.

The two rabbit swam back to the beach. They ran out of the surf to tell Sis who was lying in the sun.

"Great job little brother," Sis said smiling. She gave her brother a thumbs up.
Sis applied sunscreen to her chest while the teen boys watched "I knew you could do it." she said Sis sat up and hugged Blazer "If you tried hard enough."

My First Kiss

Later that evening, Benny and Blazer sat on the dock watching the Summer sunset. They were drinking carrot juice. Blazer was still wearing his swim suit and Benny wore her red string bikini and a dirty baseball cap. Their feet were in the water.

"I had fun today," she said leaning over on Blazer. She rested her head on his furry shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his small chest. Benny loved to feel his soft white fur.

He smiled "Thank you for helping me to get over my fear of diving," he said.

"Now you can start jumping from the six meter diving board at school," she said "or even the high dive."

"Let's not rush it," Blazer said half joking.

"'Benny smiled "coach will be happy with how you've improved over the Summer."

Blazer leaned over and kissed her cheek as she fell asleep. Benny was startled. She woke up and pushed him into the water. "Hey, why did you do that?" he asked floating in the water.

"I'm sorry," she said embarrassed "you startled me with that kiss."

"I don't know why I pushed you into the water." she said "Just a sudden reaction maybe."

Benny slipped quietly into the water and swam next to him. "I'm glad you did that,
" she said placing her arms around his chest. Benny kissed him on his pink nose Blazer giggled and smiled. The two rabbits stayed in the water, holding hands and floating on their backs. They spent the evening looking at the stars.


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