Blazer's New Swimsuit

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Blazer returns from shopping with his sister and best friend and he gets a surprise.

Shopping Experience

Blazer came home from a day at the mall with Sis and Benny, Sis tried to open the door." Can you give us a hand?" she called knocking on the door with her elbow. Big Bro sat in his favorite chair watching football. He slowly stood up and turned off the TV. "I'm coming," he said slowly walking to the door. Big Bro shrugged his shoulders and opened the door. Sis almost fell over from the weight of the bags.

Sis gave some of the heaviest bags to Big bro. "Did you buy out that mall?" Big bro asked half joking.

"Very Funny," Sis said "I didn't even max out the credit card."

Sis placed her bags on the couch and sat down, Big bro put the heavy bags on the table. "What do you mean you didn't max pout the credit card?" he asked" how much did you spend?" he stared in the shopping bags.

Big bro regretted giving an eleven year old girl her own credit card, but he though she would be responsible and use it only for the house or business. She was the family bookkeeper.

Sis looked at her older brother. "Blazer and Benny have more bags than I do," she said "Can you go and help them?" Sis adjusted the straps on her bikini top.

Big bro sighed as he walked outside. Benny walked passed him carrying several large shopping bags. He didn't see Blazer standing behind him.

"Blazer tried to speak but he had a bag in his mouth. He tried to tug at Big bro's leather jacket. Big bro looked down. "Can I help you with those?" he asked taking the bag out of the boy's mouth.

Blazer fell to his knees from the weight of the bags. Big bro took the bags from the boy's hands and into the house. Blazer stood up and followed him inside.

The boy crawled to the couch. His breathing was so hard his chest rose up and down. His face was red and sweaty. "Help me up," he said. Big Bro picked him up and placed the boy gently on the couch.

Benny came inside the house with more bags. "Can I help you with those?" Big bro asked.

"No thanks," she said "these bags are mine."

Sis was busy putting her new bikini tops against her chest. "More bikinis?" Big bro asked. he looked into another bag.

"More bikinis and shorts," he said " your room is filled with clothes."

"I love bikinis," Sis said looking at her brother with big innocent eyes.

Sis always wore bikinis everywhere, even to school. Her bikini gave her a lot of attention at the mall!

"What did you get out of all this?" Big bro asked Blazer.

Blazer tried to reach for a small bag on the table. Benny brought it to him. He tok out some CDs and video games. "I also bought some new shorts." he said "There in one of these bags."

"I was lucky to get these," Blazer said "Those girls made me go into a store and wait while they tried on bikinis."

"They used my chest to model bikini tops." he said "putting the bikinis against my chest to see how it would look on them."

"And every girl in that mall giggled at me." he said.


"Every girl in the mall said "cute chest" and "nice chest" while staring."

"that's what you get for going to the mall shirtless." Big bro said. Sis and Benny laughed.

Benny took a small paper bag and gave it to Blazer "We bought this for you," she said "In the swimming store". Blazer opened the bag and looked inside "Oh no!" he said sitting up Blazer dropped the bag. "I'm not wearing those."

Sis picked up the bag. "There's nothing wrong with it," she said "All boys wear these when they swim." She gave the bag back to him.

"NOT THIS BOY!" Blazer yelled at her. "not with this body."

"You'll look so cute in it," Sis said.

"What is it?" Big bro asked. Blazer opened the bag and removed a small garment from the bag. It was the smallest pair of swimming shorts Big bro had ever seen. The shorts were black with red flames on the side.

"Go try them on," Benny said.

"NO!" Blazer yelled "Never."

"Go on," Big bro said "get it over with."

"No and you can't make me." Blazer said. Big bro took his little brother and gave him a knuckle noogie "Now will you put those shorts on?" Big bro said. Blazer rubbed his head.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Blazer said.

"Just get the embarrassment over with." Big bro said "or would you rather have another noogie?"

Blazer sighed, he knew his brother was right. "OK just don't do that again." Blazer took the swimsuit into his room and came back out a few minutes later. The shorts were snug but comfortable. Blazer blushed.

"Those are definitely you. " Benny said blushing while she looked the boy over. Sis smiled "Don't be so shy," She said.

Benny gave Blazer a hug "I can't wait until we go diving tomorrow," she said "and your wearing those shorts."

"Diving tomorrow?" Blazer asked.


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author avatar M G Singh
19th Mar 2015 (#)

Nice tale

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author avatar Markthespark
20th Mar 2015 (#)

Wonder if he got into those shorts! Lovely story. Thanks

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