Blisters Feet VS Bone

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Hello this poem is a poem of Love and finding our feet its about being true and being who you are how God made you to be. pleas follow the link to watch the video your support would be very apprreciated

Blisters Feet VS Bone

Tonight I left my shoes at home but if home is where the heart is why you not holding my shoes?
Maybe it’s because I neglected to tell you every time I see you it’s like experiencing an eclipse
That’s when the moon and the sun is kissing each other with such passion that it darkness the earth.
I am bound to you not by lust but by dust.
Scraped from the same soil rooted in the same creator
Pleas audience if you have some time to spare trough it in to a jar
I am trying to save as much as I can so I can spend it all on her.
But back to my shoes its most likely stinking up the place right now with the mistakes I have made.
I ran over her Eden not knowing it was holy ground muddy boot prints on a pure carpet.
Have you ever stepped in shit?
Ever stepped on a dead bird
Ever stepped on someone
Ever treated someone like a door mate
Then you know that’s how we get calluses
Feet aren’t meant to hurt.

Maybe you are the welcome mat
Maybe you are the shoe
Maybe you feel like that stone is becoming a boulder
Maybe you feel like you laced up your boots up with concrete and iron
And they are throwing you in to the depth of the ocean.
Wishing that someone could just walk a mile in your shoes
But remember they will still do it in their own socks still do it in their own skin still do it in their own
We weren’t wearing our own shoes
We are trying to fit in the mould of what the world wants us to be
That’s why our shoes never seems to fit.
We are off balance
Just doing it blindly
But I am happy to tell you we are not stuck in our shoes
A river runs without it
A dragon does not need it to fly
So take of your shoes embrace the earth bare feet

Know that God woven us together engraved a map on our soul
So we can find our way back home back to Him.
That’s why when Jesus washed her feet, He knew He was cleansing her whole body
Touching her soul.
All we can do is find our feet and…
Keep walking and keep walking and keep walking.
Till we fill the shoes of our Father!
All the way back Home

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