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Are you a blog writer? If so, then you may fall into the trap that most blog writers are tempted to do when they get writer's block. Read to find out how you can avoid that trap and maximize profits on your blog.


If you are an online writer and want to earn a living at it, then you need to know how to maximize profits from your writing portfolios.

The best way to do this is by becoming a niche writer. I have previously suggesting in my writing articles that you will gain a devoted following of readers if you choose to become a niche writer.

Why is that?

The answer is pretty simple: People that follow you want to read more in the area that you have previously written about. That is why they follow you. If you start writing in new areas, then you could lose their interest and their following.

If you continue to write in the category you are most knowledgeable in, then you will get the status of expert in your subject-matter area.

Now, take a look at my blog, here. The focus of my blog is on entertainment. That can include: movies, TV, electronic gadgets/apps/tech.

My goal is to keep the blog focused on these areas. If I have writer's block, it is easy to write on other subjects, but it takes my blog off track, much like the picture of the Mustang. It is a fast car, but it is the fastest when on the proper road. On ice, it no longer operates at its full potential.

Does Your Blog Make Ripples?

Once you have decided to be a niche writer, then you have to add content.

The better your blog posts, the more attention you will get from readers. If you just opt to write 250 word snippets, then you will get readers that come and go.

If you write more insightful blog posts that analyze things and give a perspective unlike other blogs, you will then get readers that comment on your posts and will follow your blog.

That is the best way to make ripples in the blog-o-sphere.

Blogs Can Start Conversations

A very well written blog post will not only get comments, but it could start a conversation that turns into a friendship. Some writers use their personal blog to get more work.

The blog displays their ability, and they have their resume accessible from the blog. Others just want a good debate, and are looking for someone that is bold enough to share the opposite point of view.

Whatever your motivation, your blog posts should be good enough to elicit comments from your readers. No comments typically mean that you didn't write something that is provocative enough to get someone to take that nest step of commenting.

So write provocative pieces!

Stay on Track for Optimum Results

Most bloggers get revenues from Google Adsense. Adsense places ads on your blog geared toward the audience based on your posts.

It is much easier to target a specific audience by being a niche writer, versus writing on a broad range of topics. Then Google's ads will be hit-or-miss and you will get less clicks on your ads, resulting in less profits.

If you want to maximize your blog profit potential, write on a niche category.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Jan 2013 (#)

Great tips, Zach. One needs persistence and stick to what we are good at - siva

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