Blood On My Porch I Say!

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"Morning!" Marzeus greets Lassie.

Lassie in her usual suppressed style that says "Just don't think I'm gonna give you unnecessarily too much respect, cuz I think I'm just as important as you!", says morning, but then the old woman as usual starts blabbing away her usual new chatstories that she never could keep in.

Blood On My Porch I Say!

"Do you know what?" she asks Marzeus as she continues being busy in the kitchen. Marzeus sometimes can't stand the old woman who doesn't realize how rude she comes across sometimes, but he's known her for so long that he loves the old bat too. She's worked in their home for long over twenty years, even though for years Marzeus' mother complains about her work standard more than anything but never lays her off.

"Yesterday when I came home to my house, there was blood on my porch."

Marzeus suddenly listens more attently. There was blood on their kitchen floor recently too. Could Lassie's case be related? Will the mystery finally be solved?

"So I ask old (so and so)" (there are always all these people she refers to in her tellings, that Marzeus doesn't know who she's talking about) why there is blood all over on my porch."

What was it?, Marzeus thinks. What is bleeding all over the world these days?

"He says it's (so and so's) cow that bled on my porch. So I go around to the front of my house and there I see my fence is broken where the cow had jumped over."

Marzeus assumes the fence cut the cow and it bled on her porch. He finishes getting his breakfast ready so he can go enjoy it in the living room.

"So I say to (so and so), 'So why don't they fix my fence again when they see their cow broke it? They must come and do it!'..."

By now, Marzeus knows there's no answer for him in the story as to why there was blood on the kitchen floor. Surely there hadn't been a cow in their kitchen over here. Then he starts laughing on the inside. Obviously there hadn't been a cow in here! Still, a creative idea though.

"Tough break", he tells her sympathetically in answer to her story. Meanwhile she's gone into the back room of the kitchen, still chatting away whether someone can hear her or not, as has always been her habit for as long as Marzeus knows.

Marzeus has meanwhile gone into the living room to have his breakfast. Some time soon Lassie will realize there's nobody she's talking to and stop. Or carry on talking and talking and talking to herself, as she has been known to do also.

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