Blood On The Kitchen Floor

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What can cause blood to mysteriously disappear on one's kitchen floor? Is it the supernatural? Is it like in the old days when people slaughtered something to cook some meat? There are quite a few possibilities. So what could have caused it in the case of Marzeus discovering unexplainable blood on the kitchen floor?

Blood On The Kitchen Floor

"Where did that come from?", asks Mother frantically. "There's blood on the kitchen floor!"

Marzeus has a look. He was the only one there that day, and the blood wasn't there this morning.

Yup, there it is, drops of blood on the floor, already dried.

Majesty was the only other living thing in their house today. He doesn't look like there's anything bleeding on him.

Marzeus remembers the snake. Perhaps the snake had bitten Majesty. Majesty looks fine though.

"Isn't it Father's blood?", asks Marzeus. "No," says Mother, "and he wasn't here today either!"

Marzeus instinctively looks around for open windows or doors or anywhere anybody could have come in and gone out today. But he knows it was all locked all day.

This is a strange mystery. Blood appeared on the kitchen floor today when nobody was home. Could it have come from thawed meat? Maybe. But once again, there was nobody there carrying raw meat about.

For now, it is a mystery. The mystery of the blood on the kitchen floor.

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