Blowin' in the Wind All Over Again

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Sometimes inspiration can come unexpectedly: just riding along listening to a Bob Dylan CD, for example.

"Nothing Special" Leads to Surprise Inspiration

I’m just riding along, nothing much special going on in my life, listening to a Bob Dylan CD, when a new concept begins to grow in my mind.
The concept overcomes all the mundane things of life -- the “nothing special stuff” – things like work, bills, all I have to do -- really, it just transcends all that stuff.
And it's hard to describe. But maybe you’ve been there too.
The thoughts it embraces cover the span of my life and how it's been blessed, how it revives itself no matter how hard I try to maintain some kind of worldly status quo. And how my life renews itself like nature, seeming to run like a motion picture.
The characters at the beginning are gone now. But a whole new family forms around me. Children. Grandchildren (which the Bible calls a "crown" for the mature).
New friends and connections lead new places.
Things replace themselves as they need to.
As the old fades away, it gives way to the new.
Even I am like that.
I'm not the same guy I was. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.
So I ride along -- with Dylan still singing, prophesying, philosophizing and just being the one-and-only Bob Dylan. And the concept his ministry inspires in me begins to overwhelm the mundane, the “nothing special” stuff. The inspiration takes over and becomes my most real emotion of the moment. It reflects the real power moving me inexorably into the future, guided by a benevolent spirit I had not fully conceived before.
Slowly, it dawns on me how good I feel about this, for I am learning that there really is something blowing in the wind. But we can't see it.
It is spirit.
And only the wind knows where it is going.


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author avatar LoriAnne Hancock
18th May 2013 (#)

So many times inspiration comes in a car with favorite tunes and an open road. Think I'll take me a road trip! :)

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author avatar ScrivenerBlue
18th May 2013 (#)

Ah, yes Road Trip! My favorite call to action. Thanks for comment!

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author avatar Lorenz
18th Jun 2013 (#)

Many times I've found my muse by listening to Dylan and Lennon.

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