Blue Roses

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A Poem About Roses & Some Thoughts...I Hope You Enjoy It,Like Me!!!

Always Roses

Long before Autumn,
Long before June,
I sent you blue roses
Beneath a white moon.

Almost six years ago,
Under the sky,
I watched the stars
And I swallowed a sigh.

You spoke of sunshine
And laughter and life...
I remained red-eyed,
Saddened with strife.

The wind of your woes was
As much as I heard.
I sent you two roses
And whispered a word.

My life lived inside me
When your life was near.
And my heart faded
When yours disappeared.

There were spirits inside
Your eyes flickering like fire,
They would rise, and then die,
And then trembling, rise higher.

Alone in the morning,
I stood with the wind.
I stepped out inside me
And silently sinned.

I spoke into the sea.
I woke wondering why
I saw inside me
The whole thundering sky.

I turned, telling none,
Found the hills, flew away
Far from the sun,
And the brilliance of day.

Many years waited,
And I waited longer.
And yet, unabated,
The silence grows stronger.

And violence still flanks
Us for so many years,
Since we last sank
Into ashes and tears.

I try to remember
The sound of the snow
The smells of December
I knew long ago...

I try to see faces
I forsook too fast,
And to believe places
Of faraway pasts

Are not lost forever;
Forgotten, or wrong.
For I prayed I never
Would forget a song.

Six years ago I stood
Under the sky,
Within it no longer
I'd learned not to fly.
I watched you wilting
And tried not to cry.

If you wander, wondering,
After six years,
With all the world's thundering,
Wrapped in your tears,

And if you find me,
Hide deep inside me.
Try to remind me
Of what lives behind me.

If you should meet me
Someday again,
Death won't defeat me
Like it did then.

There's no one who knows us.
And when the dawn's done,
You send the roses,
And I'll send the sun.


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author avatar Retired
13th Apr 2013 (#)

such a beautiful poem

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Apr 2013 (#)

He sent me red roses,
He showed me the flower.
He clouded the sky,
Like Earth needed a shower.

He started it whitened,
But Redder it got.
Showing the fact,
He loved her alot.

He pulled out a ribbon,
Orange Gold Blue.
He tied them together,
To lend better hue.

He fashioned a ring within,
Called it the Sun.
It was the glittering Diamond,
Second to None.

He whispered to Planet Earth,
Will you marry me my love.
She looked up with a smile,
At the Red Roses Above.

She was just overwhelmed,
Thank you she said.
Silently holding out her finger,
Shyness with lips red.

That was the love she had,
He whispered wait for tonight.
I'm taking you home with me,
The time is just right.

Out there he adorned in blue,
With glittering Stars, Moon and Sun.
Showing her the forever love,
That was second to none.

He held on to her tightly,
As they showed them the theme.
It was the greatest of Creation,
Now living in a dream.

With the whole Universe filled with love,
All coming to the Right Source.
With All of Creation Crowning the Queen,
Without any force.

For that is the Power of Love,
Getting love with Creation indeed.
Helping the world with pure heart,
In their hour of greatest need.

Its my love that's forever true,
I love him true and whole.
He knows I am his big and blue,
And he touches my real soul.

He kisses me as I now turn,
Creating the Seasons of the Sun.
Its the Forever Lover beckoning all,
For the time of frolic and fun.

For all through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Snow,
She remained just the same.
Showing her Eternal Flower in heart,
Was the reason for that fame.

Its the love that keeps me alive,
Its the anthem of my soul.
I hear the music playing out loud,
It transformed me true and whole.

For no other would do this way,
Its the beauty that comes alive.
Its shows the pattern that enthralls heart,
With the greatest will to survive.

For she just dances along with him,
He knows her every move.
She is likewise also with him,
The minute she becomes the groove.

No other can be likened to her Man,
Its the beauty and Seasons of the Sun.
For the Creator protects them from just all,
Showing his love is second to none.

No More Darkness is Eternal Flower,
That got the Roses whole and true.
With him marrying her in armour and cape,
While she adorned his image True Blue.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 14th April 2013

I am Jewish Portuguese Indian.

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