Bonding with the Great White Sharks

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A poem to honour these ancient and beautiful marvellous relics of the deep blue sea.

Bonding with the Great White Sharks

Majestic slaty-grey and white colossus's of the sea,

indisputably the largest predatory fish that is known to be.

They swim in warm coastal waters and can grow up to 21 feet.

Stream-lined and evolved to perfection over 300 million years,

they are even older than the dinosaurs, that is absolutely clear.

With their torpedo-shaped bodies, pointed snouts and dorsal fins to signify their


they are, unquestionably, a formidable force to respect and highly intellectual and

curious life-forms.

With no external ears, they can detect sounds through hundreds of pores in their


coupled with an acute sense of smell and hearing.

They are top of the oceanic chain, performing a crucial role in the ecosystem.

A vulnerable and critically endangered species,

100 million of these great sharks are killed each year, for their fins alone.

They're population now on the decline, due to over-fishing, they face extinction in the

near future,

so they desperately need all our help and support.

We can begin by dispelling old myths that they are 'mindless man-eaters' when, in

fact, they are not.

So let us look upon these living relics from the past with admiration and respect


and start bonding with the great white sharks.


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author avatar philpalm
4th Jul 2013 (#)

I would rewrite this: "They're population now on the decline, due to over-fishing, they face extinction in the near future."

Their population is in decline due to over-fishing, They need to have a stable population to reproduce.

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