Book Shelve or Cases, To keep your 'Treasures' safe

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Book shelves are a good investment to keep the books safely away from heat and dust. A look at the various types of such shelves available to choose from.

Book Shelves or Cases, To keep your 'Treasures' safe.

Much has been written about the advancement in the field of communication and how much they affect the reading habit of the younger generation. Whatever spare time they have at their disposal, they spend them on browsing the net or listening music from those gadgets. Still there is a place for books, book cases and shelves to keep them neatly, safely and to show them to your friends, colleagues and relatives with pride. The money one invests in them is not a waste. In fact, any ardent reader should have a book case or shelve in his or her home. Let us read about various types that are available to keep your books safe.
1 The traditional one: this is the most preferred type by readers. Made out of wood, they are usually with double door, reaching a height of six feet and four feet wide. The glass doors helps you to spot what you are looking for in an instant, if you keep them in order, mind you. Teak or Oak wood are the best suited for a book case for a very long life.
2 Metal types: For those who are book lovers who cannot spend much on a wooden shelve, the metal types are the right one. They cost you much less as compared to the wooden ones and with the right paint job and timely care they will keep your ‘reading pleasures’ safe. But they are exposed to heat and cold more than a wooden shelve.
3 On the wall type: Here planks are fixed on the available space on the wall in two or three rows with two vertical planks supporting them at the two ends. While this is the suitable one for a student this type has drawbacks unlike the wooden or metal shelves. The books are exposed to heat, cold and of course the inevitable dust. You have to spend considerable time to clean those shelves, which otherwise you could have used to reading the books.
4 Modern Designs: if you are a lover of modern designs, this type suits you most. The imagination runs wild while creating one, though the diagonal being the most preferred shape here. They are either fixed to a wall or stand alone types with beams supporting them on both sides. But I should warn you that this one is again an ‘open’ type.
5 Wall to wall: Here the shelve or the book case extend from one end of the wall to the other end. Much preferred by lawyers and writers, these are incorporated in the design stage of the building itself. At times when a house or office remodeled they find a place for a wall to wall book shelve. While this type is an expensive one to make, the elegance and the lift it provides to the room is excellent.
Whether buying a ready made from the shop or using the service of a carpenter, one should bear in mind to have some extra space in the book case. This is the reserve space for the books you are going to buy from time to time. After all, you can buy books often but not a book shelf. Am I reading it right?


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