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Have you ever started a course and a few classes in, you realize you're bored with it and wasted so much money? So have I...

I'm late, I'm late, for a slightly important class

I don't know why but it seems I can never be on time for class at university.

Last class I got up at 3pm after my afternoon nap, to start getting ready. That gives me two hours to get ready before I have to leave for class at 5pm.

But, I still ended up being late.

So what's taking so long? I decide today I'll get up at 3:30 pm. Surely I can shower and get dressed while at the same time cooking supper, all in an hour and a half?

Nope. I arrive almost twenty minutes after 6 at the university.

Oh well, I think. No need to go berzerk now. Might as well calm down and eat my supper first.

I always eat supper in the car, that I brought myself from home. I need to eat just before six so I can last the two hours until 8 when class gets out.

Then, I first visit the lieu and make sure everything's empty that need to be empty, and I blow my nose and wash my hands and face if needed.

Then I walk into class. I apologize for being late.

Who the hell is this lecturer? Good grief, seems they get teachers off the street now

There's some other guy talking today. Isn't he one of the students?

I think he might also be a director of the play the class does. Some students have paid much more expensively and have class many more times a week, and then there are the few like me who does this as a part time course and are only part of the practical classes.

Well, nothing practical about tonight's class.

Most boring class like everrr

It doesn't take long before I'm bored out of my wits.

This guy blabs and blabs and blabs on and on and on about things that stage actors need to know, like where's upstage and where's downstage and how when storming off a stage angrily, the actor shouldn't be close to the door of the set where he is going to exit because then the effect gets lost. He should storm off and walk angrily for a while across the stage before he exits. And so on and on and on.

I hate classes like this that is all theory. Theory theory theory. I'm a practical guy. Why aren't we rather on an actual stage, rehearsing an actual play, and then the director can teach us all these things? To just have some guy blabbing this gibberish while we sit and yawn, and I seem to contage the others too because they start yawning too, is not quite my idea of an exciting class.

This is BORING!! Boring boring boring boring boring.

Drama should be taught in a theater

And you know what? Come to think of it, what the hell is this?? We're always in what seem to be the art classes during the day. We are sitting at these art tables on these extremely, extremely, extremely uncomfortable little small wooden squares with foor legs each, that obviously some art students sit up straight on when painting.

These uncomfortable seatings may be appropriate for people who are practising art at tables and art stands, but it's impossible to sit on these for two hours while some guy blab away endlessly. It helps a little that I sit myself on the table instead after a while, but the boredom is difficult to fight.

I wonder why in blazes this class isn't rather held in that small theater close by, that is part of the university. That theater has a small stage where we can do our sketches and plays on, and then this guy could show us what he's talking about instead of blabbing like a gramophone. And of course the seating is much more comfortable; they're comfy theater seating but with small surfaces one can use as a table for writing. These art classes really don't make good acting practising areas.

So what the hell do I do about this?

The guy is finished blabbing away at about 7:20pm. Then his class is finished. THANK GOD I was half an hour late, cos I don't think I could have stood MORE of this "class".

I can't help feeling like "THIS is what I got ready all afternoon for and drove all the way for an hour for? Just to come listen to some 50 minutes of theoretical gibberish? Oh brother.

Well I hope I still feel like even coming to these classes. I told myself previously, I'm going to come to these classes without expectations or wanting something specifically out of them, for I see them as just a nice way of going out at night and being with creative people talking gibberish and playing and enjoying ourselves. Kind of like a creative club I can go to to have a nice time with creative playful people.

But somehow I... well let's not make any decisions right now. Maybe after I've had some rest I'll feel different about it again. I shouldn't take it too seriously. And yet, it's just that I paid for these classes. Well Mother paid them for me as a present. And that's probably another thing; I don't want to lie to her and tell her I enjoyed the class immensely tonight. She'll probably know I'm lying. And at the same time, I don't want to tell her that I don't enjoy the classes she had bought for me.

Well anyway, perhaps I'll enjoy it more next time.

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