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A daydream inspiring visit to the botanical gardens.

The botanical gardens

Perhaps I'd reconsider living in the city if I'd visited the botanical gardens more often. In spite of the stale air and scary people the gardens themselves were so peaceful. Feeding the ducks without being swarmed by pidgeons or seagulls a welcome surprise. Within a few yards I could almost forget that I was in the city at all.
The weather was perfect; slightly overcast with a faint breeze to move the air, the temperature was mild. There were odd puddles, remnants of the early rainfall, everything looking fresh.
Strolling along the path between huge well tended trees I could almost feel the tension draining out of me. The manicured lawns and well tended garden beds visually appealing. Visiting the duck pond we were met by a group of eager ducks, each happy to partake of our offered bread. It's nice to just feed the ducks without the hassle of seagulls to contend with. The ducks are calm and pleasant company, they don't hurry or squabble. They even appear to listen when we talk to them, cocking their heads to one side and eyeing us with interest. They are lovely.
Moving on at a leisurely pace We are greeted by beautiful nooks and crannies, perfect for reading or more intimate conversations. Then over the trees we see the roof of the palm house. We wind our way towards it. The beautiful stairs welcoming and a real hit with the youngest members of our group. The doors were propped open yet as we descended the four stairs to the interior the temperature climbed by a couple of degrees. Immediately the children are drawn to the cave-like water feature to one end of the room. It is beautiful, the water falling over a couple of "rocky" outcrops making a soothing sound. The ferns growing round the mouth both soften and enhance the appearance. My youngest son is so taken with it he starts removing his shirt, "mum I need my clothes off and get in", umm sorry my love we don't skinny dip in the botanical gardens. We do however share a moment of mirth, the grown ups dissolving into giggles.
The palm house is a lovely spot, I imagine it would be incredibly romantic with your significant other waiting in there while it rains outside.
If I close my eyes I can picture it, strolling arm and arm in the gardens on a cool day. The sudden onset of rain, heavy drenching rain. Running hand in hand, giggling a little, as you slip on the slick surface of the stairs. Reaching the shelter of the palm house a little breathlessly wiping the rain from one another's faces. Stealing a kiss. Resting in one another's arms against the planters, listening the the symphony of the rain as it pounds the roof. Feeling like the only two people in the city for a while, nowhere to go and nothing to do.
Is there anything more romantic than a rainstorm in a garden? Or listening to the rain on the tin roof while being held by your lover?
Stepping out of my daydream again our little group wanders out of the palm house and on to another beautifully landscaped area,full it seems of edible plants. We try to name as many as we can. We cut our visit short, the littlest member is tired and getting grumpy. We pass a number of water features as we head for a side entrance, each one lovely in its own way.
There is plenty more of the gardens to explore but for now that will have to wait. We will return another day if only to feed the ducks in peace.


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