Both sides of the veil

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This story sells itself by inference as it goes along and relies for its context upon the clues scattered within its generalities and has as its bearing the vagaries of the human condition in confluence with life as it flows and so should not be mistaken for anything else but what you feel after reading it.

Time is too long

Back in the days of my unknowing I used to do one-liners, and then one day they turned into a book.
“And bubbles can’t count.
“Back in the days when Chirpy Vogel-singer had a hit record: don’t saturate, congratulate...remember?
“Those were the days.
“Let’s go get a fried breakfast?
“Do you remember Dithers Charlie who was always constructing the constitution of his unfolding in such a way, a build up of karma was always rubber banding to come back at him?”
“Yes I remember, but the painted death-face he wore had to be put aside because it was anger crazy emanating that was doing it with sparks all over and roily smoke too.
I don’t remember that.
“And there was never any fear under the blanket with a brainstorm in the girlish near or perhaps a time-bomb waiting to go off.
“No never.
And the student index proportions started in: hey you, and ending in: a road break.
I think it may be coming back to me.
I remember something about a typewriter.
Was it the one that kept me up all night?
Yes, the very one.
Perhaps I will wake up soon.
But are you fitting in?
Today in the city I see everybody fitting in,
In their strait jackets of civilization,
So many bent over with the weight of it.
They walk in their lives
Along the avenues
Here but a moment
And then are gone
Filling themselves up
With the consumerism of it all that is everywhere,
Caught and plundered for all they are worth.
I saw one woman standing alone in the crowd
Crying her eyes out silently.
Another man went crazy, broken,
Banging on a bin for no reason.
I saw a picture of small girls in chains
Being led to their new husbands
For them to do with as they will.
And the news shows of people laughing
As the bombs fall to kill people and destroy their homes.
Are you fitting in to all this?
Is it what you really want?


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
1st Jan 2017 (#)

Edgar Allan Poe - Tale of the Tell Tale Heart????
Go read it!!!!

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author avatar Susan Heney
3rd Jan 2017 (#)

Matters of the Heart may be simple or complicated. Expectations never coming to fruition; or so it seems. "Dreaming I'm awake' is a common place to find myself _ on some days. Your writing has given me thoughts to ponder & awakened an inner place where many answers appear if only I ask.

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