Brand new cars for everyone!

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Oh, dear sweet Mother, always wanting to help everyone. This time it's her children's turn to be the target of her generosity.

Brand new cars for everyone!

She has decided her children should each get a new, proper car. Petros drives garbage which has destroyed his self esteem and he'll never find a wife with that. Elly and her husband need another car because they had to sell one of theirs to survive, and now Elly is stuck at home while Stingley uses the car to find work during the day.

Harrison will be getting her old BMW. I still drive the same car I've had since 1998, and it's still serving me well. So I'll be offered the same money of the average value of the cars they're all getting.

I would have finished the first episode of Timebotics today, which I was very excited about, but now I have to drive with Father and Mother to Johannesburg and Pretoria so that we can drive home the cars that Mother saw for sale on Gumtree (classified ads site). The first car needs to be bought from a guy called Donovan in Lyttleton. Father and Mother set up all their technological equipment in the guy's living room. It consists among others of their laptop computers and printers and internet thingies and whatnot, so that they can finish the transaction right there and then.

But in the end they can't get any of their fancy stuff to work right so as to complete the transaction, and it takes about two hours to get everything done with the help of Father's secretary on the phone in Voortrekkerdorp, and Donovan's wife at her job somewhere, with their fax machines etc.

Donovan has only had the car for four months but needs money now for somethingorother. So he's selling the car which is still in very good condition.

Okay, now we got one of the cars. This one will be for Elly. Now we need to go get the one for Petros.

We drive some while away and try to buy the car from his teacher owner.

But this time the transaction doesn't go through. This guy says he wants to sell the car, and he even takes us for a test drive, but during the drive he says his problem is that someone else phoned him last night and offered him more for the car, so he'll probably sell it to that guy, and also he doesn't have another vehicle yet so if he sells this one he's stranded.

In the end we just leave it. This car is ten years old anyway. And the guy isn't giving it to us now so maybe it's a sign that we should just leave it.

On another day, Father and Mother gets a much better white BMW 4x4 station wagon type thing for Petros, so it's good that we didn't take that other old piece of crap from that teacher guy.

Elly and Petros don't know yet that they'll be getting new cars soon, as soon as we can take it down to them in Cape Town. Should be quite a pleasant surprize for them.

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