Breaking The Chain Part 1

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How far can love and friendship be put to the test?

Part 1

Copyright © Soraya Bowie 2012 - 2013

A Sample from my new book that I'm currently writing.

Within one year six babies had been born within the same small town, three boys, three girls and on one warm summer night the final child was born. Her mother named her Scarlett. For many years the children grew up together and lead happy lives, but would that always be the case? Read their story and find out.

Daniel was the first to walk and it wasn't long before Stacey began copying him, soon the others followed. The six on them would often pair into couples. Daniel would follow Stacey around making sure she didn't get hurt, Candice would annoy Matt, and Brett and Sarah would go off in their own little world. Similar patterns would follow for the next ten years. However things wouldn't always be so simple. There were about to get very complicated because while all six were closer than any other people could, be they were also keeping terrible secrets from each other.

Candice was nervous, she was always the nervous one. Candice was far from shy but she worried too much sometimes. If her best friend and love of her life Matt hadn't been there to put his arms around her she might have had one of her dramatic panic attacks. These attacks weren't as serious as they sounded, it mostly involved Candice running around like a headless chicken rather than sitting down and calmly coming up with a sensible solution. Even though Matt was what you would call a complete joker and unable to be serious for more than two minute, somehow managed to remain mature and grown up long enough to bring his girlfriend back to earth.

He kissed her forehead 'don't worry no one will catch us I promise'. Matt had arranged for them to sneak into an empty house, doing it up with candles and warm blankets he hoped it would be perfect, he wanted everything to be perfect for her, especially this night. Taking his hand Candice tried to keep her breathing slow and steady, telling herself not to be nervous as it was the most natural thing in the world. Heading upstairs by torch light Candice tried to imagine who had lived here, the wallpaper was beginning to peal and there was cracks in the floor and ceiling, yet it still looked amazing and full of life.

When Candice saw the candle light she felt like she was flowing out of her body becoming hypnotized by the burning flames. Matt began kissing her neck and she melted even further, turning around she found his lips and gently started kissing him. Soon the whole world disappeared and it was just the two of them. Later that night they fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, nothing would wake them until the sun came up.


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