Breaking The Chain Part 2

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Part 2 of breaking the chain. Will their friendship pass the ultimate test?

Part 2

Copyright © Soraya Bowie 2012 - 2013.

Someone was banging on the door 'Sarah hurry up I need to use the bathroom' her mother shouted. Sarah pretended not to hear, she had far more important things to concentrate on, like dyeing her hair to perfection.

Sarah was a natural blonde and now she was putting bright red streaks through her hair. She dyed her hair often and her mother was always complaining about the mess, She could help it she loved experimenting with new looks and styles. She even had green in her hair once much to her mother's horror. Once the extra dye was rinsed out of her hair she give the white bathtub a quick rinse with the shower head and finally came out the bathroom.

Walking into her bedroom she found Brett sitting on her bed looking bored. He hated the long process of his girlfriend dyeing her hair but he loved the results, well most of the time he hadn't loved the green look.

‘Well what do you think of my latest effort? Brett smiled, ‘much better than the last one. Sarah had to agree, even she couldn’t pull of bright purple. ‘How long will you be keeping this colour for?’ Brett asked. Sarah thought about it for a moment ‘until summer is over at least, after that I’ll probably switch to a darker shade once winter comes’. Brett wasn’t surprised Sarah always changed her hair to match her mood.


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I love to write, its my life. I write about a lot of things. Fiction wise however its mainly Horror and Erotica.

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