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It is amusing how things are alright but yet contrary in another


There is s belief that on the path a politician
Would during an election improve his situation?
By using the something tangible as a temptation
To sway lots of the electorate in a specific direction

Sometimes not visible but those of the canvassing committee
Who would ensure that those things are done surreptitiously?
So that during the process that when there is a question
That there will be a very difficult trail leading to them

But what can be said by a potential party who is campaigning
That for its work from a corporation got a large financial propping
And because of this can see the campaign to the end
But the politician to the electorate cannot anything extend

When this happened this may be deemed illegal a form of bribery
Because the politician may be seemed to be acting unfairly
But tend not to look as what those big contributors financial input
And time will only show the things in return they often got

That is why it seen that those members of a large corporation
Sometimes one can see that they are in some good positions
Then why when a Politician to a constituent that stand took
To those around and in the eyes of the law it has a venal look

But after elections then comes reality by the revelation
As those involve are not able to see the true position
When the members of boards and some influential positions
Are being occupied by some top level members of those corporations

So it is very difficult to determined in that scenario what is bribery
Is there one that is blatant and the other is can be done benignly
Is it not the same as some of those big financiers most certainly gain?
So what in the same context can some other things remain?


Conflict, Contrast, Venal

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
8th Apr 2013 (#)

Yes there is truth

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author avatar Songbird B
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Favours are often repaid by financial gain, guess it just depends how deep the pockets..Politics can be rife indeed. A well thought out poem my friend, and as always with you, contains much truth and insight..\0/x

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