Bridge Of The Lonely Heart

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Carol found a mysterious mail in her mailbox. What role did she partake in relation to this mail? A breathtaking unique love story.

Morning Routine

Carol was awakened by the sound of branches scratching her windowpane. It’s windy outside. The soft warm blanket wrapped around her would not let her leave the bed.
She closed her eyes but wait, “ I have to get up now”, she told herself. The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee wafted through the room. She got up and opened the window widely to welcome the morning mist. The cold wind touched her sleepy face and the sun greeted her with a big smile.
The scent of the sweet flowers in the garden blended well with the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee coming from the neighboring coffee shop. She stretched her arms to welcome the new day.
The morning shower made her feel warm to start the day. After making herself a cup of coffee, she went to her computer to check her mails. There was a mail that caught her attention. The sender is Fred Curtis, a name she couldn’t recall. She paused for a second, skipped it, and continued reading her other mails. As she was reading, she’s trying to recall the name Fred Curtis but in vain. To satisfy her curiosity, she went back to the mysterious mail. Her heart was pounding very fast for fear that it was a spam mail and that she might see a shocking picture as what she heard from one of her friends who received a certain mail from someone she did not know. Well, she decided to open it and she is ready to see whatever will blow her sight.

The Mail


Here is a poem I wrote to let you know how much I miss you.

Unchain My Miseries

If I could reach up and hold a star
for every time you've made me smile
The entire evening sky
would be in the palm of my hand
You are a fresh breeze in the evening air
a fragile flower in cold spring
You are the star God of the Milky Way
glittering like a precious gem

In my sleepless nights I recollect
Collecting the fragments of my dream
Wave of nostalgia flashing back
Suffocates the lonely heart of mine
Unspoken words remain deep within
Restless to hold the warmth
running through my fingertips
This heart filled with love and miseries
Bewildered without you by my side

When I think of you my heart aches
Of the emptiness I feel I would break
Within me I know you are the only one
Who can pacify this lonely heart of mine
If in my dreams you come again
I will be waiting with open arms
Cast a spell with your warm embrace
Stay with me till my heartaches end

From a distance please remember that you will always dwell in my heart. I love you honey.
I hope to see you soon.

I care,


While reading the letter, Carol was touched by the passionate love of Fred for his girlfriend. She felt sorry for him because this lovely poem did not reach the girl of his dream. She did not know what got into her head that she found herself writing a reply to the sender. It must be out of sympathy or did she illusion that that letter was meant for her. She never received a romantic letter such as this from her suitors. Nobody had ever written a poem for her. Whatever it is, she must write him back. She wrote him that he mailed his letter to the wrong person and told him to check the mail address of his girl.
After that Carol thought that Fred had sent his lost mail to the right person already. But deep inside, she was waiting for a message from that certain Fred thanking her for informing him about his mail. Why would she bother to think about his thank you message? He must be embarrassed that someone had read his love letter.
Weeks, months passed and she forgot all about that incident, back to her daily routine.

Meeting her best friend at the coffee shop

Carol looks attractive in her red summer dress with a white ribbon beautifully tied at the back with a matching red walking shoes, and a summer hat with a checkered ribbon and flower attached at the side. She went out riding her bicycle to see her friend Sally at the neighboring coffee shop. They have not seen each other for a long time and she’s very excited to see her best friend again. When she entered the shop, Sally greeted her in her most sophisticated smile, sitting with a tall handsome guy on his 30’s. Sally introduced him as her boyfriend, Fred Curtis. Carol was surprised to see the man who sent the mysterious mail in her mailbox. How could this ever happen? She thought to herself. It was out of her expectation that her friend Sally is related to this man who sent a mail by mistake. Meantime, Carol took her seat and ordered herbal tea. She was silent thinking on how to bring out the story of the mistaken mail. Sally broke the silence by asking forgiveness for using her mail address.

The love story

Sally and Fred met through the yahoo chat and they became attracted to each other after having chatted for a long time. Their relationship grew even without seeing each other in person. Sally knew that it’s silly to fall in love with someone she had never met in person. Although she truly felt her true love for Fred, she broke up with him for fear that their relation was just an internet game. She avoided Fred and did her best not to get in touch with him. Fred was persistent to win her back because she’s the woman he had dreamed of. But Sally was afraid to believe it. She knew many women who became frustrated for having cheated by people whom they met through internet. She did not want to be like them so she ended her hallucination. Sally thought of giving Carol’s mail address to Fred stating that she had changed her mail address. In that way, she thought that she would be able to get away from him. That’s how Carol got the mistaken mail.
When Fred received Carol’s mail, he realized that Sally was really breaking up with him and so he mailed her back in her old mail address without giving up. He never neglected to write her everyday even if he got no reply. He persisted and persisted until Sally could no longer bear controlling her feeling for him until she surrendered. That’s the reason why Sally and Fred are now there to thank her for being the bridge to link back their relationship. Carol congratulated them.
On her way home, she was happy to think that she had done something good for her best friend. She wished that one day she would also find her soul mate.

This is my first challenge to write a fiction story. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

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