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The New Year's Eve celebration is a moment of the most eagerly awaited of people around the world, especially for groups of young children. On New Year's Eve of course the people of the city on the agenda generally celebrated on a large scale. But most people also do not perform at the celebration of the new year.

A Piece of Gregorian Calendar

On the New Year's Eve is usually celebrated with blowing horns and set off firecrackers, and others. Even during the New Year's Eve there are partying and having fun. After a busy time of year, people feel that the night partying at the turn of the new is something reasonable to relieve fatigue. However, if you view the history, the celebration of the new year is not just a regular party, but is loaded with a variety of religious traditions such as the pagans, Christians, and Jews.
Prior to the enactment of the "Gregorian calendar", the Europeans in the Middle Ages generally made on March 25 as the beginning of a new year. They Are call today The Feast of Armounciarion, "Holiday Notifications". In the Christian tradition, this date is believed to be the day when Mary visited by Gabriel who told her that she would give birth to a child of God.

A Piece of The Christian Calendar

After the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582, gradually kingdoms in Europe celebrate the new year every First of January. The Gregorian calendar is also called the Christian calendar because it makes the birth of Jesus as the first date of the calendar.
However, exactly when the birth of Jesus is still a debate among Christians. But clearly, this calendar-making related to the religious interest in Christianity. For example, the determination Sunday as a holiday. Today is a special day for submissive to God in the Christian tradition, replacing the usual Saturday in the Jewish tradition.

The Trumpet Blowing Tradition

One of the unique things ahead nightfall new year is the proliferation of sales trumpet. It is associated with the pleasure of celebrating New Year's Eve with sounding the trumpet as hard as possible to enliven the atmosphere. The trumpet sound noise peaked at twenty-four, or at midnight.
This trumpet blowing tradition was originally a way ancient people to cast out demons. The Jews later did it as a ritual activity is defined as a picture when God destroyed the world. They perform rituals blow this trumpet at the time of the celebration of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which means "Feast of Trumpets", usually falls in September or October. Shape curved trumpet horn sheep symbolizes the sacrifice of Isaac was sacrificed in the event of (Prophet Isaac in the Muslim tradition). This is very different from the teachings of Islam which stipulates that Ishmael was the one, brother of the Prophet Isaac, who asked God to be sacrificed.
Trumpet which shouted usually incomplete if not accompanied by firecrackers and fireworks party. As sounding the trumpet, this tradition is a ritual to expel demons in the tradition of the Chinese people. Additionally, firecrackers also believed to bring good luck.

Islam and The New Year

Unlike the religious and cultural traditions, Islam never make the new year as a feast, including the New "Hijri" year though. Although in my home country, "Hijri" New Year is a national holiday, but the position is still not a feast.

"If Islam itself never celebrate the new year, then why Muslims, who also celebrated the fact is other religious traditions?"

I think this statement is regarded as a controversial statement, but for Muslims in particular have to understand and know this. However, out of respect for tolerance in society and mutual respect between one human being to another. So many Muslims who helped enliven the moment of the new year.
Indeed, in the teachings of Islam itself has been warned by its great Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam, who had been warned that those who joined in the tradition of a people, then it was included in the group of.

Thank you very much for your stopping here to read this page. I wish you Happy New Year to you all. Hope the Sunny Day for Tomorrow May More than Now.

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