Broken Dreams

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Your really try with all you have and fall short of success

Broken Dreams

Yesterday I drove by a building that had been occupied by some friends of mine. They had operated a restaurant from the location for about five years and the business has recently failed. The building is now closed and a “for lease” sign is on the door. All of the tables and chairs are set as if in anticipation of dinner guests to arrive, some lights still burn in the dining room and the hopes and dreams of the ousted owners still seem to inhabit the space like ghosts of departed souls striving for ultimate rest and peace.

Actually the location of this restaurant was on a busy main highway and the building had a great deal of public exposure. The staff was very attentive and service driven and the kitchen was operated by a skilled chef that prepared wonderful fare at modest costs. In fact, the chef was voted to have the best brunch in town three years in a row. The owners were well experienced hospitality trained professionals and worked the typical long hours as is customary in that business. So when one tries with all they have to achieve a goal only to be slammed by the pain of failure and defeat where is the justice? Are the emotional costs simply written off to, gained wisdom and experience, or to clichés like “nothing ventured, nothing gained”?

Those of us on the sidelines tend to brush off these folks with their problems and make excuses to each other like, well they didn’t work hard enough, or they had a good product but it cost too much, or they put the business in a poor location. Are we trying to justify the failure in our minds as well? Or are we acting as the friends of Job and give only lip service to those that are suffering the agony of defeat? The truth is none of the bystanders that are on the outside looking in have a clue of what is happening to the participants in this tragedy unless they have suffered loss and failure as well. The feelings of despair and abject failure are so real and carry such weight that they almost take on a physical existence. It is this crushing baggage that causes some to fall into depression and fits of hopelessness so deep that the remaining years of the person’s life may be permanently scarred and maimed. Wouldn’t we better fellows if we offered an open ear, a silent tongue, and an extended hand to those of us that carry the burden of broken dreams?


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author avatar Denise O
10th Jul 2011 (#)

Winsome, all I can say is what I felt, as I read your article. I felt so sorry for those people that worked so hard and then lost their place of business. I have watched as so many of my friends and family have lost everything during these awful economic times and they are hard workers, go getters but, they could not beat off this economy. My husband and I are holding on by a thread, it is hard times. I do think we should be more understanding and helpful to our fellow neighbor. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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