Buddha, The Light Of Asia. Earnest O Haucer.Reintroduced

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Monks fighting invaders, attackers, aggressors, robbers, daylight thieves and foreign legions is not a new thing. It has been done innumerable times in the past ages and monks in monasteries temples pagodas pavilions and caves were specially trained to defend and protect the places of their worship which also served as seats of learning and centres and stores of knowledge. Remember the Cultural Revolution and cleansing which gained nothing but was a waste of human lives. It is happening again.

Dedicated to the monks undergoing international persecution in Tibet and Nepal.

What do China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Tibet, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka have in common? It is Buddhism. Started from the awakening and enlightenment of North Indian prince Siddhardha Gauthama, fighting the evils and killer attacks from Hinduism, Monarchism, Autocracy, Democracy and Communism, it is continuing its journey through centuries, guiding human souls in Continents, to the right path of living. This article which was originally written by Earnest O.Haucer is reintroduced here in the light of new developments and is dedicated to the monks undergoing international persecution in Tibet.

The Golden Age of Philosophy in which three great teachers lived in three corners of the world at the same time.

Buddha in India, Confucius in China and Socrates in Greece lived during the same age, i.e. during the Sixth century B.C. Because the world was blessed with the presence of three great philosophers in the three corners of the world during this period, it is called the Golden Age of Philosophy. There are about 270 million Buddhists in the world. This article illustrates how Prince Siddhardha Gauthama became the Light of Asia. Kingdoms were offered as alms in his feet but he wandered through North Indian States with his begging bowl, teaching the world the philosophy of Right Living.

A prince wandering, begging and searching for the meaning of life.

Siddhardha was a prince in the Himalayan kingdom Kapilavasthu. He was married and had a child. In the midst of princely happiness and pleasures, he remained thoughtful. Old helpless men, dead men and holy men troubled his thoughts. During days and nights, the picture of the sufferings and pain of his people haunted him. Gradually he decided to give up all earthly pleasures and material wealth which his kingdom and the world offered and search for the true meaning of existence. One day in the dead of night he slipped away from the castle.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent article - awesome photographs. Thank you PSRemishChandra.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2011 (#)

What fabulous pictures you've found for this! Always wonderful to read about Buddha. Blessings, rd

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
2nd Aug 2011 (#)

Dear Steve Kinsman,
I am troubled by the harrassment and persecution the Buddhist monks face during the present times, especially after the United States consenting to China claiming Tibet for them. China has a great economy and trade with the Sino is very lucrative. Therefore assuring support to China in whatever they do is the present fashion and trend even among countries with proven democratic and socialist commitments. U.S. and France once were synonymns of protest against international violation of human rights. Signing export and import pacts with China and embracing Dalai Lama is the present diplomacy. The wotld nations do not feel any shame in it. For decades, India has been publicly supporting the cause of Tibetan monks and for the same reason, China has been making united moves with Pakistan to weaken India's position in this matter. As the land of origin of Buddhism and also as a land of fearless opinions and stand, India has been doing good and right in defending the Buddhist monks' cause, whatever be the world opinion in htis regard. India;s firm stand with the Buddhists' cause is exactly similar to America's firm stand with and support to the existence, endurance, integrity and sovereignity of the Jewish nation of Israel. Thank you dear Steve Kinsman for your going through the article and commenting.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
2nd Aug 2011 (#)

Dear Rama Devi Nina,
I wrote this article years earlier, after teaching Earnest O.Haucer's essay to a band of graduate students. It rested with me all through these years. In the light of the present international political developments and circumstances, I thought publishing it would be relevant and good. No one is nowadays going to read Haucer's writing, especially this one. But it is a must that people should go through this article again. That is why I published it. Buddha taught his disciples to endure and suffer. They are now suffering silently everywhere. They deserve international sympathy and the world's support. Not only in Tibet, but in China itself they are mercilessly hunted and tortured, the details of which someday surely will come out, just as atrocities in Russia came out and their nation crumbled. All know that world communism limited and shrunken to just one nation in this world cannot stand against the loftier ideals of Buddhism. It is so because the present day communist leaders are steeped upto their necks in splendour, opulence and luxury. See the serenity in the face of Buddha and in everything that is associated with him. Feel the tranquility in the pictures. It is these serenity and tranquility that are now disturbed by petty puny mean politicians. Why can't they stand aside, appreciate and tolerate?

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
19th Jul 2018 (#)

I am deleting a few paragraphs from this post. If you read this post after July 2018, you will not be viewing the earlier original version. The full post can be read in my blog Sahyadri Books Trivandrum in Blogspot Dot Com. http://sahyadribooks-remesh.blogspot.com/

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