Buddha was wrong about this, but don't think about what this is!

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"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." ~Buddha

This article will try to establish that this view of Buddha's was a limited one. We are not limited to our thoughts only, nor are we controlled by them.

Buddha's thoughts were not God's thoughts, and neither are ours.

Our thoughts are not us at all. They are only mere ripples that drift across the surface of our minds. We are not the ripples, and we are more than just being the mind too.

Where do these ripples originate from then, and how are we more than being just our minds?

The ripples begin from a feeling nudging at the mind like an intruder which then creates these ripples of thought that are merely descriptive in their nature.

Thoughts describe, they never originate.

Creativeness comes from love living actively within your heart and inspiring you into action.

God is the only mover. We only move for him. Love is the only energy, it energises all of us.

Our mind is merely a constructed imager that can reflect love's activities but for a brief moment as we inhabit a flesh body within time. All of this is about giving God an outlet for his love.

Love needs to love, to become aware of itself loving and to know what it is within God. Or more for God to know what his dormant energy of love is really capable of.

Our thoughts, and our feelings are like dust that cover over our hearts, so that we do not then see properly through the consciousness window to God there.

We are here to look through this consciousness window into God, and conversely this window gives God a look into us, or into himself. It is all the same oneness.

God expands himself within us so that we might be big enough then to see God. It's all done with mirrors.

Love could be said to have been previously only dormantly alive within God's oneness until he allowed it to create subsets of itself within himself. He allowed his energy to become quantised or alive within pockets of himself. The pocket could then send energy to the other pockets, and God then felt alive from his energy becoming alive within him so to speak.

Oneness was a fat cat until it had its kittens, in other words.

God doesn't think about us, we think about him.

"My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD."

This is God talking to Isaiah in the old Testament book of Isaiah in the Christian bible. It comes from Isaiah chapter 55, verse 8.

God's thoughts are not man's thoughts because God's thoughts are not thoughts based within time created by some experience within that time.

God's thoughts are mere reflections of his love shining onto you from the mirror of consciousness that you possess.

God doesn't think, he loves. Love has no need for thinking, it would only slow it down.

There have been many philosophers over the years of course who have agreed with what Buddha said.

Here is what the philosophical writer James Allen (1864 -1912) said:

"Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him."

This writer however believes that thoughts can only come alive in an absence of truth, but this happens only when your own ideas of truth live in an absence of love.

We should drop our own ideas into love, to hear God's truths. When we stand aside from our own thoughts, we hear God's thoughts, only to then realise these are not mere thoughts but absolute truths.

Truth only lives within love, not within your thoughts. Thinking subtracts something from the essence of love and its truths. Love's truths cannot be thought, they can only be felt or known.

This means that truth is never truth without love, but that thoughts are not true thoughts until powered by that same love, and then they are not really thoughts really at all, but just actions of love which our thoughts can only ever merely just try to describe.

This is why Jesus never wrote his thoughts down whilst living here on the Earth for a short while amongst us, he preferred to just totally love all around him.

We cannot think our way to happiness

If there was no love within us, could we still be loved?

Love doesn't really ever need something to love, but if you become that something as God has given you the chance to do, you will instantly become again a conscious functioning part of God. His love will live in you being you, rather than you trying to be you separately, by your trying to drag love to you from your pursuing of it in your life.

It is the same with happiness, chase it, and you chase it away.

Relax, and it will land on you like a bird lands on the branch of a tree. The bird and you have become one. That is the only real happiness.

Happiness like love has no way that leads to it, they both just are what they are.


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author avatar LOVERME
19th Nov 2013 (#)

till he walked away
and you elevated him as God and build higher posts of stone ..
the very thing he was against


Everything is good …till you miss spell it …by eliminating an ‘o’
where does god fit in …I don't know …we all crated him… as an owner of creation …we must attribute this to genetic vibration …and use the selfish genes to continue …good will always reside within in me and you …and manmade God …ask anyone till today …we thrive on his GOOD name

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author avatar LOVERME
19th Nov 2013 (#)


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar spirited
19th Nov 2013 (#)

The heading was written of course just to get your attention. Buddha, or anyone else is not the issue here. I'm just trying to move people past their thoughts.

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author avatar joyalariwo
19th Nov 2013 (#)

You certainly moved mine spirited, to me... love and happiness are birds of a feather, you cant have one without the other.
Its only by the grace of God that one can have both with no heartaches inbetween.

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author avatar spirited
19th Nov 2013 (#)

I certainly agree that you can't be completely happy without living fully from love, nor can you be totally loving and not be happy at the same time.

God is a loving and a happy God!

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author avatar pohtiongho
29th Jan 2014 (#)

I think you are talking rubbish here. Can you please tell me how your Almighty God look like? Like Obama or Osama?
Since this Almighty God is almighty he just have to lift 0.1% of his finger and the whole world will be full of peace. Why is he not willing to do it? Why does this Almighty God always appear on shrouded mountain tops and very dark caves? He must have a very ugry face?

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author avatar spirited
29th Jan 2014 (#)

God is the way I see him to be for me.

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author avatar pohtiongho
29th Jan 2014 (#)

That is your business. But you still cannot answer my questions. You believe in something that does not exist, and your cronies are running down Buddhism every day because they are very jealous and afraid of Buddhism.

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author avatar spirited
29th Jan 2014 (#)

I am sorry if my title, and writings here upset a few people. I was thinking of the book, titled if you see the Buddha on the road kill him.

My controversial title was tongue in cheek like this book title was, not literal in its meaning.

I was thinking that we shouldn't become too attached even to someone like the Buddha

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author avatar pohtiongho
7th Feb 2014 (#)

I add in the following for those who still think Buddhism is a cult.
I have heard many people complaining about the behavior of the Buddhist monks. The truth is these poor guys were barking at the wrong trees. There is no country on this planet having a law stating that only Buddhist monks can don the robes. So many people, after learning meditation for some time are able to pretend they are full-fledged monks. They don the robes in foreign countries like the U.S., Canada etc to earn a living. They do not live in the temples. They live in private houses or hotels. During the time practising meditation, they learned some skills to heal illnesses and they are also able to teach meditation. Most of the victims are women who are fed up by boring and dreary life. They approach these pretenders for help and for many women after a few lessons on meditation they really begin to realize that they benefit from these practices. The trust for the newly found teacher has been established and when the time and place are right, these pretenders enjoy getting laid. They receive money and enjoyment.

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author avatar pohtiongho
23rd May 2014 (#)

Buddhists don’t meditate to reach god through silence. They do it to cultivate concentration and wisdom. Nibbana is a state of complete cessation of suffering and definitely not a communion with Buddha or an almighty god.
The Buddha did not claim that he could remove suffering from the world as an Almighty God. Buddhists are not conducting a business. They don’t have do’s and don’ts , or thou shalt and thou shalt not. Almost every religion claims it is the only true religion, with an almighty God. Which one should you follow?
The ability to see ghosts or to communicate with them can be acquired through meditation. The dimension of the ghosts is like a TV screen. When you have the right remote control, you can click on it to view it. The only reason why many religious teachers ban meditation is that after many years of practice, a practitioner can attain a higher level and will have the ability to enter the dimensions of ghosts and gods. By then all the lies told by the religious teachers will be exposed.
The practice of meditation is like a child learning to crawl. After crawling he learns to stand up. Then he learns to walk, and then run. Later on, he will be able to jump.
The highest wisdom is like electricity. We don’t know where it is but when we put all the components of the generator together, put in the fuel and run the generator, we have electricity.

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