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A short story about an old lonely lady and the rescued dog that loves her.

A rescued dog gets a forever home

Let me first describe “Buddy”. He is a Spitz-Samoyed, a pure white dog with great big black liquid eyes and a wet nose. He is also my neighbour’s best friend. Buddy came from the Humane Society. His rescuer was a friend of mine, a very nice tall blond woman by the name of DJ.
DJ initially adopted Buddy as her best friend. Unfortunately although it was true love, it didn’t work out. DJ lived in an apartment and Buddy had an underdeveloped bladder. I mention my friend DJ because it is very important to my story.
DJ gave Buddy to my neighbour Trudy. It took about a week for them to bond. Trudy was a retired widow. She had a lot of patience, especially with him. For two weeks she put her social life on hold to work with Buddy. She took him outside every hour. She walked him constantly.
Needless to say he loved the attention. She borrowed a kennel from her other neighbour, placing it under her desk in the front entrance. It became his room. Buddy really loved his kennel. When Trudy went out for groceries, she kennelled him. When he was tired he would go for a nap into his room. He felt safe.

How smart is he?

Now these are some of the funny things that he did. When he was angry or upset at Trudy he would throw his toys out of the kennel, go inside turn around and pull the door shut. When he was sulking he went into his kennel. When he did something wrong and knew it he went into his kennel.
Trudy routinely went to the exercise club 3 – 4 times a week. When she went she always took her bathing suit, towel, bathing cap and workout clothes. Buddy always knew when she will be leaving him because she always packed her gym bag. He didn’t like it when she left him. So one time he took her bathing suit and chewed it to pieces. He knew he was a “bad dog” and went into his kennel and shut the door.
It was hard for her to mad at him, because he loved her so much! He associated the bathing suit with her leaving him. So he decided that if he could destroy her bathing suit she wouldn’t leave him. Is that love or what???
Whenever Trudy hung her bathing suit on the clothes line to dry, he would jump up as high as he can in order to get at it. He only went after her bathing suit, so she always had to double hang it so that he couldn’t see it.
One day Buddy found a tasty snack he didn’t realize that it was a bar of soap until he had eaten the whole thing.
Buddy had a bean bag bed, but he didn’t like it. He wouldn’t sleep in it. Won’t let Trudy sleep in it or get rid of it. Trudy had tried to get him to go sleep on it by laying down on it herself; he didn’t like it and pulled the bean bag away from her.

Buddy has taken to sleeping with Trudy not just on the bed but like a person beside her with his head on the pillow and his paws around her arm.
Buddy is crazy about coffee, not just any coffee – café mocha with no sugar.
Buddy is an ongoing saga. He is my friend’s best friend and a great source of funny stories and laughter.
Buddy doesn’t like; bathtubs, lawn movers, vacuum cleaners and young men on bicycles.
He loves blond women, cookies, Kleenex, coffee and Trudy.
Buddy is a thief. If you are not careful with your food, he will steal it right out of your hand. Let’s just say that he waits till your attention is directed somewhere else and then he leaps to action and with one quick gulp he has devoured your food.


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I have always wanted to become a published writer. My writing is diverse, whatever subject my muse nudges me to write.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
9th Jun 2013 (#)

Lots of fun about Buddy . I hope there is more to follow Georgia .
Bless you

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author avatar Mystic Maid
9th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks Stella... he was a character!

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author avatar Songbird B
10th Jun 2013 (#)

What a great dog and such a patient and loving owner too Georgia! Had to chuckle at some of these stories as it really showed his strength of character. You can't help but love dogs can you? Lovely share my friend \0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
10th Jun 2013 (#)

He was quite the character!

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