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It is never too early to begin working on your author platform. Begin now working on building your social media network through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Social Media is Your OnLine Word of Mouth

The most powerful form of book marketing is word of mouth. If people like what you have written, they will let others know, but the first people will never know unless you tell them. You can’t force word of mouth, nor can you buy it, however, your voice can be part of that word of mouth that gets your book out to the masses.
As a writer who has written two novels, I have heard that it is important to build an author’s platform as soon as possible. The problem was, I didn’t have a clue from what they were saying how to begin creating that author’s platform. The experts say that it is important to begin your author’s platform early, the earlier in the writing process as possible. I learned that my book’s marketing platform includes all of the tools, strategies, and messages that I want to use to reach my target audiences.
One of the first things that you need to do is identify your target audience you can identify those people through networking. One of the easiest ways that I have found to network is to interact with people on social media. When you have identified those people that you interact with on the internet, you will not only be starting your network.
Most of us begin participating in social media by networking with people who we already know such as family and friends and people that we have known over the years. In addition, we can begin joining communities and groups which others are talking about the subjects about which we are planning to write.


Find pages that relate to subjects in which you want to write and then interact with people who are on those sites. Most people spend about eight hours every month on Facebook. Many users actively spend most of their social media time on Facebook so it makes sense to network with people who are there. Users also engage more on Facebook than on other social media sites. On Facebook they can engage with their friends, build communities, and share other media.
With Facebook, you can connect with other writers, connect with potential readers and share the journey of your writing experience. You read, like, and comment on pages that others have written. You can also connect potential readers back to your own blog or website. You can also start a facebook page that relates to your writing experience or to related subjects.
Rather than saying “hey this is my story or book, check it out, make posts that are more engaging. Look at the posts that you personally enjoy and find a way to relate those to what you are writing. Daily when you are looking at Facebook, “like” and comment on what you like and then write down on another document why you liked what you liked and commented on. If you immediately think of something that you can write that you can write about that connects back to the subject, write it out. If not, don’t worry about it right now, you may think of something later when you think about it.
Get people involved in your writing process. For instance, one thing that writers often do is show their friends cover designs and have the compare comment on those cover designs. On my book, Soldiers Don’t Cry, a reader showed me a way to change the design to make it even better. Getting people to vote on cover designs help them feel invested in the book’s process and they will help with it’s success including buying the book.


You can feed the communication from twitter through your book’s fan page wall on Facebook. This will ensure consistent and constant messaging while simultaneously reducing your workload.
Spend time every day adding new contacts on twitter. You can use Social Oomph for free to add tweets consistently.
Make it a point to include best-selling writers who write books similar to the books that you write and read. Be sure to comment on their twitter walls, read their blogs, and websites. Emulate (not copy) what you see they are doing. If they are using hashtags, look at the hashtags and see if they are hashtags that you can use as well.


Many of the people that you meet on twitter, especially authors, editors, and publishers are on LinkedIn. There are also people who support the other areas of research that you use in writing. Not only can you get connections with individuals , but LinkedIn also has groups in which you can interact.

More Is Better

The more people read your book’s website, read your pages on Facebook or Twitter, they will look at who is following liking and reviewing your work. All of us are influenced by others’ opinions. Therefore, it’s important to present an image of positive public opinion. Next time you visit another author’s website or Fan Page, pay attention to how quickly your eyes dart to the ‘Like’ count and the feeling you get when you see a high or low fan count. You may think you are immune to such things, but research tells the opposite story. These metrics have power.


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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
29th Aug 2013 (#)

Great article. I do use social media in promoting most of my work from here and other sites that I write for. And I also have created a website to list all of my articles so everyone can read and enjoy my work. Thank you for writing the article.

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author avatar sukkran
29th Aug 2013 (#)

some useful information here. thanks for sharing

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Good evening, Cygnet. Missed this one and glad I found it. ~Marilyn

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