Building fences of understanding

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A fence is a metaphor for a personal boundary.
A car is a metaphor for a vehicle as body is a vehicle of spirit, so car is a vehicle of body

Instant Karma

“As Buddhists, we believe in the theory of kamma (or karma in Sanskrit). There are several classifications or types of kamma, which refer to when the effects of kamma are experienced. I feel fairly confident that the terrorists involved in the destruction of the Buddha statues will be punished by an act of nature. The type of kamma that will be operative in this instance is called ‘immediately effective kamma,’ the kind that takes place almost instantly. The statues were carved in rock, and they represented Gautama Buddha’s most dynamic personality. The Bamiyan statues depicted his profound wisdom, great renunciation, his selfless service, and his exemplary, virtuous life. The people of the world venerated the statues for these qualities of greatness. They did not worship them as though they were stone idols. The statues were venerated to demonstrate our gratitude for the Buddha’s service to humanity.” As it turned out, within nine months of the destruction of the Buddha statues the United States of America was at war in Afghanistan for other reasons, and the fundamentalist Taliban tyrants who had destroyed the statues were overthrown. This was not exactly the “act of nature” I predicted, but it was definitely a demonstration of “immediately effective kamma.”

Piyananda, Bhante Walpola (2014-04-15). The Bodhi Tree Grows in L.A.: Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America (Kindle Locations 502-512). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

Old boundaries and new ones

There was a boy whose elder relative asked him to take photos of the neighbour's yard. The motivation for this action was to prove the neighbour's stone fence was a few inches over the property line, in violation of agreed upon rules but which rules were not published. There is no public map of the property line to this day, so this neighbour had been able to lodge many such complaints in the past every time she felt like complaining. This action because motivated by ill will (fear of new person coming to the community, fear of change, desire to assert control and predictability) creates only negative karma, but because it is not severe karma it is almost instant, that is, the energy sent out, the twist of fate, the intention sent returns to the sender in kind within the same lifetime. It is my observation that this process is speeding up.

Stone fences

Because it was motivated by ill will, the original photos of the stone fence (see photo) triggered several new karmic actions. None of these actions is a great sin, but each can be amplified by those with ill will into a perceived sin. Thus karma comes in response to prayer as a balancing force in and by the universe to expose true motivations before greater sin can be conflated by gossip and accumulated assumptions. This is not much different from people taking videos on their cell phones of one another's most embarrassing moments and then posting those videos on YouTube for the entertainment of all persons.

1. Someone was photographing the fence builder. The fence builder then photographed this photographer and reported him as a Peeping Tom. At the time, he was a teenager, now he is a man, this report appeared to have gotten him to stop taking photos. This was part of the instant karma, not all of it. This got the photographer to stop photographing the fence, but the camera is important, it is a repeating theme, what is done by one is done back to the doer, precisely as it was done in the first triggering action.
2. The fence is no more than two feet high, and serves as a boundary marker. It might prevent mudslides from progressing. It does not provide privacy. A few years ago, fence builder had to rebuild part of this fence because complaining neighbor/Peeping Tom stated the original fence was "over the property line" by a few inches. This caused extra work for no particular reason, the space is not used but for the fence to mark the boundary.
3. Several years after the first complaint about the fence maker, the management in the community changed, and the new manger issued a written proclamation that anyone who parks in the street will have their car towed away and this same writing contained contact information for this towing company. The entire communication was backed by the corporation that owns the land 175 homes share. The same neighbor, whose fence was photographed had to move the stone fence as a result of the photos of a few years ago.
4. Several years later, this same fence builder took up a regular practice of metta (lovingkindness) meditation combining it with sun gazing/sun yoga meditation. Primarily for this reason, she sits in her West facing room to gaze at the setting sun from about 2 hours before sunset daily and for 22 minutes or so during that time of day, every day.

Because she looks out the window, she also sees the street facing a direction of incoming guests, she faces West, which is where the gate is located. Each time she looked out the window she found herself with a camera either in hand or recently handled because she had just used it to photograph the setting sun. Each time she saw several cars parked in the street. Her inspiration told her to take photos of the cars and to send those photos to management, with as little comment as possible, keeping ego and drama out of it. Just the facts. Cars parked in street, not inches over the rule but yards over the rule.

Almost Instant Karma?

God has his own timing and his own schedule for balancing the world's imbalances. Ego and anger have nothing to do with it. We do not need to have emotion or drama or ego to justify our actions. We need to be open to God's messages when God is ready for balancing the world's imbalances. This is also what Jews call "Tikkun Olam." When one does this in the rhythm and beat of God, going with God's flow, the revenge is so much sweeter because it involves no ego but great justice. This can only come about when the love of justice and truth are greater than the hatred of a person or a particular action that person has done. I do not hate so and so, I love sharing photos. When that love is greater than the hate, the hate shifts and the energy behind it shifts to focusing on what is loved. The healing of the photographer is accomplished when no attention is put on the previous object of hatred, the person who happens to be breaking whatever rule, but all of the attention is put on what is going on now, what is seen, what is true, what is fair. In so doing, hatred disappears like fog burns when exposed to sunlight. The lesson learned is that love of truth, equality, fairness and transparency will be supported by God but blame and hatred of fallible individuals will not be. When one person "sees" Truth, many others will also see Truth. Eventually the person who is creating the chain of events sees their own reflection in the mirror. They can grow or not it is still their choice but karma is full circle.

The one who violates the most often in secret darkness is the one who often complains the loudest and most frequently. This is also the one who is most hurt and surprised when all of these secrets suddenly appear on YouTube. It is not about one person, it is a societal trend. Secret lies are being exposed all over right now.

The one who frowns is not necessarily filled with darkness.

The one who smiles is not necessarily filled with light.

The human drama of light and shadow continue to play and dance even on foggy wet days.

It still took several years because soul-cleaning takes as long as the humans take when doing it. Each human involved here (the neighbours and the previous manager) had ego, that needed to be cleaned and separated before God's message could get through.

In Loving Memory of my father, Jack Ovitsky ("Yankel") 1903-1995

In 1981 or so I visited my parents in Florida. I was about 22, 23, I stayed for three weeks and worked as a cashier and took that money back to California and finished college (UC Berkeley). In the three weeks I was in Florida, one day my parents drove around with me in the back seat. My father drove and at some point he made a wrong turn.

My father would have been about 78 years old then. He had cataracts and could not see well. A sheriff deputy stopped him and showed daddy a sheriff's badge. Daddy stubbornly took out his AARP card and showed it to the sheriff. Sheriff, who was young out of respect, allowed daddy to drive home by himself. Shortly after that Daddy got a letter from the DMV suspending his driver's license because he could not see the difference between an AARP card and a sheriff's badge. All daddy saw was youth bossing elders. Daddy could not see that what he did was wrong, even potentially dangerous. Daddy's ego could not get out of the way to receive the message which was brought to him by a young man. And so this lesson repeats.

At the time, 33 or 34 years ago, I was mortified with embarrassment. I wanted to get out of the car, run back to California and pretend I had no relation to this man who could not differentiate between an official badge and an AARP card. Now, I see my neighbor and I remember daddy with loving empathy. It is hard to see one's own aging. It is hard to see that youth are stronger and have authority and freedom whilst one's own freedom is limited by one's own infirmities, including stubbornness. Daddy could have taken responsibility and kept his driving license, he could have said, "I know I made a wrong turn officer, give me a ticket." Daddy chose not to see.

A critical mass of light will be reached

One theory is there is only one person here. We who follow the dark path and we who follow the path of light, are one "we." If so, I invite written dialogue on this matter, because I believe we all encounter one another's dark thoughts in each moment and we each choose to illuminate or cast out those shadows by turning on our own individual light. If enough of us turn on the light, the darkness will be less dark. This won't happen instantly or overnight, but it will happen and at a point of critical mass transformation will appear to happen in an instant, the instant that critical mass has been reached, the straw that breaks the camel's back of oppression, inequality, violence, illiteracy, irresponsibility, arrogance, manipulation, control, and the other evils of our known world. There are far more worlds yet to be known than what has been seen in our little Earth realm. This Sabbath day, I invite my readers to receive light, to hold light and to radiate LIGHT.

Notes: Personal name synchronicities: lamb, hill (sacrifice offered), stronghold, angels, brown, then green (renewal, Spring, flood, exodus, survival); also crossing in sense of past crosses present, dark crosses light, creating a "Christ" consciousness, we become aware that we are more than the sum total of our creations. One also creates waste, flushes and recycles that moves away from it and does not identify with waste. Ego, too must be recycled.

If you see only my ego but not your own, look in the mirror which I hold up for you. I polish it regularly so it will shine brightly for you. Point out specific spots (words, quote words that are wrong) but do not point to that which is your own projection. If you have to push it, it's not worth others receiving it. Nothing requiring force will be absorbed with love. Before you push your version of reality, look in the mirror.


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