Bullying Starts at Home

Kenneth B. Covington By Kenneth B. Covington, 23rd Oct 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Bullying has been in the public eye for years. But evidently we all need glasses because no one seems to know it when they see it.

Bully Bully Bully

Bullying. Hmmmmmm. We seem to hear a lot about that these days. How to stop it, where to look for it, how to prevent it. The schools are full of it, even though many teachers seem to be surprised when they hear about it. There are seminars about it, who is a potential target for it, who has been a victim of it. We have it all except for who is to blame for it.

First of all, I blame the kid or kids who are doing it. and then, I also look at their parents who are just as much to blame. Bottom line no question, no debate. Everything kids do, they learn from home. Manners, language, respect, disrespect, the list goes on and on. However, society doesn't want to admit that. It can't possibly be the parents fault when their little angel happens to do something bad. I know I have never heard a parent admit to it anyway.

Kids bully because they feel a sense of entitlement, they feel they are superior, they get their kicks making fun of and destroying those they feel are beneath them. Sorry folks, you can watch Dr. Phil all you want and I am sure he will give you all the psychoanalytical BS your little heart can handle but the blame starts at home so don't give me your "well the child who bully's feels a sense of low self esteem." Spare me please!

You show me a kid or group of kids that are into bullying, I will show you parents that need one cross their chops. We play all kinds of games these days and one is the blame game. The problem is seldom do we blame the right person or persons. Well, I am gonna change that. Parents create the atmosphere that a child will embrace. Bullying is included. And since no one has said that yet, I just thought I would break the ice.


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