Bullying is no Fun

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Most of us experience being bullied or being a bully ourselves. So, is there fun we get from bullying? What makes it so popular?

Victim or Offender?

I would say, bullying is really rampant nowadays. First, I observe bullying comes from the stronger ones and the victims most of the time are the weaker ones. So, it means to say that bullying is a sign of power.

As I find myself in the group of weak types as I naturally cannot afford to bully but instead find myself at the mercy of bullies. Sometimes I bully or tease my close friends but that is solely for fun and not necessarily to hurt or damage them seriously.

I bully some of my close friends but after that we really laugh. Here in my place some people are used to bullying by jokers and for them they are used to it and they don't feel sensitive or hurt about it.

What makes bullying not really fun, is when bullying is really a serious bullying. Bullying to the extreme that you are not just joking but killing the person. It can be a form of murder.

I have been a victim of bullies almost in any place I have been - at home, at school, in the internet, with classmates, at church even in public places. When I detect someone is bullying me I report that person to my mother and then mother will report it to the teacher.

I have also encountered teachers in schools who are actually bullies. I don't need classmates to bully me but some of my teacher are ready-made bullies.

Though let us say, weak creatures are really deserving of bullies, bullying is certainly bad. It might be fun at first but the effect is far reaching.

There are certain times that the Lord seem to flash memories in my mind and gets some impression of the subtle and blatant form of bullying I experience in my life. At first I dont see anything bad but it was revealed to me that there are strong mockery going around which I am innocent at first. It hurts me so bad when I discovered it because I have super high respect to those people later on discovering that they are major bullies of my life.

Have you seen, whether a good or bad person she or he is, it is dangerous to bully anyone. What if that person is a Godly person, just like in the time of Elisha in the Bible- He was bullied by young boys as they say "Go up you bald head" and right away the judgement of God falls on them.

Or let say the person is not godly but actually demonic and you tease and bully that person, what if the demons inside that person retaliate? I mean bullying can be fun at first but wait until it comes back to haunt you.

Some people can afford to bully because they knew they are far better and stronger but we must be careful. I remember when my mother feels bad or I feel bad after being mistreated by other people --we just say, we will never fight back- vengeance is mine says the Lord- meaning justice comes from the hands of God.

By that it means anyone who does wrong to us will surely be punished- the punishment might not be right away but probably in days or years to come. We don't need to put justice in our hands- no supreme court can work but God's own judgement. Let them do whatever they like but in the end- people will face the reward or punishment of their actions. I believe the punishment coming directly from God is much frightening than people's punishment.

Therefore bullying is not fun at all.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Aug 2012 (#)

It is terrible that so many people watch another being bullied and do nothing.

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author avatar avery sandiego
30th Aug 2012 (#)

Very true. Bullying is common and yet many fall victims everyday, if we cannot stop them just learn to protect ourselves.

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