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Kenneth James Weishuhn was being bullied because he was gay. It went so far that he took his own life. BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP!!!!


Why do we bully others? It's not fun for anyone, espesially the victim. Everyday people of all ages hurt themselves/others due to bullying. Why? Bullying is a major problem and it seems as though no one is doing anything to stop it. I have seen many stories where someone is being bullied and nothing is done to prevent it. No one makes any effort to stop it UNTIL someone commits suicide. Same is true in the case of Kenneth James Weishuhn Jr;14 of Primghar, Iowa. I work with one of his relatives and I met him a few times and he appeared to be very happy. No one really expected this to happen. It took many by surprise and it was horrible what happened. You would think that the bullies would feel bad about what their words and threats and hatred had done, yet even after his death they still have cruel things to say about Kenneth. You would think that they would stop but it doesn't because these people just don't care. Simple as that. It's very sad, i know. The school said they had no idea that the bullying had gone this far. They thought that by putting teachers in the hallways it would end. The only way these people are going to learn is if they are punished. I believe they deserve to be punished after doing that to someone. I mean, how can you make someone hate themself so much that they would even think about taking their life. Kenneth was a beautiful and very talented person. He had so much potential. He was only 14, so much life ahead of him. All of that ended because of someones hurtful words and vicious threats. By what he did, Kenneth finally got the messege out there about bullying and how cruel and vicious it is. But honestly, why should someone have to sacrifice their LIFE to get the messege out that this NEEDS to STOP! He was a beautiful and talented person and now he's gone and all I can ask is why...All of these bullies are cowards. They are not half as brave as Kenneth was, and they never will be...
BE BUDDIES NOT BULLIES! ~Kenneth James Weishuhn Jr.


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Thank you I just wish more people could see that...

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