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How being bullied can have an life long effect on some victims


It is quite noticeable the predictability of a bully
How they can seek out and pray on those, who act so meekly
But are very pronounce in their careful avoidance
Of those who would not tolerate any of their nonsense.

Some would be always surrounded by a group of followers
Quite willing to carry, their leader's silly order
Therefore in the sanctuary of this imposing number base
Could dispense on the victims, all types of humilation and disgrace.

It is very strange how they can stand around and cheer
As someone is taken advantage of, seeing all ther sneers
This sort of encouragement and support, may heighten the intensity
That the level of humiliation may be done a bit more regularly.

In some relationship, some may tend to bully the other more mentally
They would tend to play on the person, by making them feel guilty
In one type, a person is taken advantage of somewhat physically
Whilst in the other form, the bully appears to employ reverse psychology.

But bullying on some victims has an effect, some tend to be withdrawn
Seeming very hesitant to want to venture out on their own
And if any situation seems to be one that would be a confrontation
They would be very reluctant to have any form of participation.

This also has an effect on some of them socially
It can be seen by their reaction in the presence of company
Would clearly display, that they are very uneasy
These are the scars left when someone got bullied.

There are cases, where some of these victims took some drastic measures
Because those moments, seem to remain in the mind for ever
Those days of humiliation, by those of their peers
Had a seriously retarding effect, on their life's performances in the coming years

It is a proven fact, that a bully, is a person who acts so cowardly
WHen one stands up to him and call him out very manfully
They will openly buckle at the knees, and cower in great fear
Only appeared to be brave and strong , when their followers are near.


Advantage, Belitting, Bullying, Cower, Fear, Terror

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author avatar feelhappy
7th Dec 2010 (#)

a remarkable writing

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author avatar Denise O
10th Dec 2010 (#)

I hear ya! I was bullied yet, they didn't get a piece of me but, my brother...
The kids were so ruthless as we were growing up to him, it still haunts the poor guy to this day.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Retired
14th May 2013 (#)

Very powerful. Keep up the work my friend, we need more writers like you. I'll continue to follow your writings as you do the same for me. Thanks

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