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I feel different these days. It's like things matter less. I kind of like it because it feels like I have evolved, while at the same time I hope I don't let my entire life go completely.


Come late afternoon, I decide to take a trip into the savannah with the quadbike. Of course Majesty goes along, sitting on my lap.

And yes, all the other dogs go along too. I never really liked taking them along, because for some reason they always want to bite the cattle they meet along the way.

And yes, twice it happens today that we pass a herd of cattle, and every time the dogs attack them. I wish just once one cow or bull would just shove those attackish dogs just a bit so they can get some respect for these big animals and think twice about attacking them. Of course I don't want them to get hurt seriously, but just get a bit of a fright so they can stop being so knibblish whenever they spot cows.

Well it's obviously been a while since somebody drove on these roads on what used to be our land, but which Father had to sell years ago to cover the debt of The Chicken Factory.

And then, we get to a place where there used to be a road, but the kakibos and other plants seem to have literally grown three meters high. Now that it's starting to get colder, these bushes have started drying out, and it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to just ram through them.

But perhaps I was a bit too fast. Instead of the Khakibos having enough time to fall to the ground when the quad bike hits them, they fall on top of Majesty and I.

Within seconds my pants look like porcupine fur, it's so covered in Khakibos seeds and other weed seeds.

I do hope we don't encounter a snake or something, as we plough forward into the dark bushes. They give way easily enough under the quadbike, but it seems contrary to what I thought, they aren't just growing in a wall in this spot - they seem to carry on and on and on and on in a patch I can't imagine the size of.

Finally we just stop. It's getting dark and the light of the quadbike is all we have to see a bit into the thick bushes straight ahead of us, with bush walls on our sides and a long hallway behind us as we've mowed down the bushes.

With much effort and uncomfort, since all these Khakibos are stinging me like crazy, I get off and turn the quadbike around.

We drive back through the tunnel that we had left behind us. Good heavens, these things have grown really high and really thick. Perhaps a cow drinking place had been leaking water or something, because seriously these things have grown insanely huge here.

In the dark of night, we make our way home. I once again realize that I really do feel different about life at this stage of my life.

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