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My view of modern day working lives and a comparison of that to olden days' Feudal existence.

Modern Sharecroppers!

The day's almost over,
But the ring's still here,
Crystal clear,
Lodged defiantly in the ear,
Grunting and wishing it was not true,
Looking about,
He still finds no clue,
His money screams, he wishes that,
It were not true.

Statutory regulatory obligatory payments,
Trade and pay tribute to the Kings,
All the money that comes, that he's been ignoring,
The figure that beckoned and cried out to be heard,
Now scratching all over,
Especially his head,
On that shiny patch he hates to see so much,
Big figures he enjoys when they are inflows,
But to ignore the law is one of his flaws,
Though the law is an ass, it nags and nags,
Always turning up uninvited and refusing to leave,
Like an unwelcome guest.

Ledgers point clearly he is at fault,
The Cash Book and Bank Statement,
Reconcile against him,
Payrolls, Paysheets, Paydays, Expenses,
All glare at him,
Then looms a gigantic figure,
Casting a cold menacing shadow upon his wellness,
And the life of his corporate entity,
Ready to gobble up all profits,
The nightmare is fixing to begin,
A nightmare he invited,
When he ignored his responsibilities!

Looming penalties,
Of unpaid taxes,
Cast their toxic breath into the air,
They clearly spell, no mercy, no compromise,
No backhand deals,
At the ready,
Set to devour everything,
To the last penny,
Caesar's hand is out,
And there is no soft-talking him,
He knows.

Now all the hidden dollars surface,
Stashed somewhere far abroad,
The penalties make him,
To loathe business and the law,
He even loathes himself,
And rues his tendencies,
Now that he's down with a fever,
His friends are fewer,
And his corporation's got no future,
All going, going, gone,
Grandfather's efforts,
Going under,
The moral for this is,
Pay As You Earn it!,
And then those hounds from the collectors,
Won't bay for your business blood!


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