Business is about trading for betterment

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Real business should be about trading for advancement, for betterment. There are, however, some businesses that reflect or are reflected by the following anecdotic story.

P.S. Please be forewarned and read at your own risk if you are easily offended by the comparison…

Once upon a long time...

Two beggars were walking back home after a long day of wandering in bazaar. They were unhappy because none had had any luck today. They spent all day for nothing. They were disappointed too, because wherever they went people would get away from them. They didn’t talk with each other much either; rather they didn’t have much to talk about. Everyday seemed same all over. But each of them wanted to talk to the other just to get himself out of boredom.
“I have a dollar from yesterday’s earning,” one said at last. “I’ll give it to you if you tell me really funny story.”
“Really?” the other said, and although he knew his friend was never going to give the money, he tried a few good stories.
Suddenly the first man – the possessor of the dollar stopped and had his eyes on the little dark brown thing on ground. It was a dropping from cattle.
The other man saw it too and looked at his friend.
“You have something in mind, don’t you?” he asked.
“I do, indeed,” replied the first man and pointing at the waste on the ground, said. “I’ll give you the dollar if you eat it up.”
At this, the second man quickly took his friend’s hand for covenant.
“You swear on death you’ll keep your word?”
After the hand shaking, the latter ate the waste and was given the dollar. They proceeded on their way again. Once more, both are quiet, not talking to each other or rather not having so much to talk about. They, however, were only buried in deep thoughts.
The first man who now no longer had his dollar was thinking about his gone-forever money. He thought: “Oh, my wife is going to be so upset about my silliness. She will say: “look, whatever way it is, your friend has gained a dollar, and what you did is stupid thing. Giving your money away. Oh, how could you do this when you have us – your wife and your children awaiting you here with hope you will bring us something?”
The other man who now had the dollar was thinking, too, about the money and predicting what his wife might say when he got home: “I never thought you would feel that cheap about yourself. Where was your pride? You ate that dirty nasty stuff just so you could have some money. Oh, I never think you can be any more ashamed of yourself.”
After a while, they stopped at the sight of another waste from cattle. They looked at each other and there was an awkward silence and eye contact between them. At length, the second man who had had a taste of it said:
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?”
“I could be so! If it’s … why not… if it has something with my money coming back to me – the former owner of it!”
“Then help yourself! Take a bite. It’sn’t too bad (I know that from my very experience). And here’s your dollar coming up upon your completion.”
So, the first man ate the waste and got his money back. They again proceeded on their way, feeling too happy with themselves and not saying one word to each other.

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