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Hope you get a laugh. This poem is in the "Evisceration" section of "Love, Life and Evisceration" - you will see why - MWAHAhahaha...


I didn’t mean to!
I slipped, I swear.
50 or 60 times…

I… ahhh,
had a seizure,
I am not guilty of these crimes!

I’ll tell you the story,
truth in all,
of how this came to pass.

He slipped on a puddle,
fell down the stairs
and landed on his ass.

I do not know
why there was a puddle
or why it smelled of perfume.

Nor do I know
why on the stairs
there had laid a broom.

on with my story..
I mean… on with truth of fact.

When he tumbled
down the stairs
I hope he broke his back.

No, no,
I don’t mean that,
I mean I hope he was already dead

before I fell down
with a seizure
and stabbed him in the head.

I’d hate to think
I hurt the man
whom I love so dear.

Excuse me please,
while I weep.
(Quick now, force a tear!)

Published in "Love, Life and Evisceration" by Porle Joen
Available on Amazon


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author avatar vpaulose
28th May 2013 (#)

Nice. Thank you for your poem.

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author avatar Songbird B
28th May 2013 (#)

This was so funny, and gave me such a good chuckle my friend..Just love your humour..Great read as always with you..\0/x

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author avatar Retired
4th Dec 2013 (#)

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