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There are a million ways to leave planet Earth, this is one way...

Lavender Buttercups

There she was all alone, laying on her back, eyes open with raindrops drenching her pupils. She didn't notice as she was dimensions away. She was totally unaware of what was happening to her body in this dimension.

All her life was pain and confusion, confusion and misery, misery and nonchalance. There was no one who loved her, not even Buttercup herself, so slipping away to another dimension was always preferable to her.

She adored buttercups and always were amazed to find them along the road, growing wildly purple fading down to pink to yellow powdery centers. Buttercup would press the center of the dainty flowers to her cheeks for purple flower kisses, the only kisses she ever received. These kisses left the bloom crushed, and wilted to be discarded, forgotten…

Many moments, days and months passed in Buttercups life filled with silence and nothingness - long, empty, confusingly painful days or were they nights or was it both? Always Buttercup didn't know... Although her body was tortured here in this world, her mind took longer and longer trips away to only God knows where.

Then the day came where Buttercup never came back to this world.

I can see her in my mind laying there just as still as fog, present, visible, but not "solid". She was there, but not there at all. Eyes open and facing the open sky, unblinking, unseeing, unknowing, uncaring. I suppose she just lay down and looked up at the sky and went away. I suppose she went traveling far away in her mind as she always did, but this day she didn't come back.

I knew she had gone away when the rain started to fall, and Buttercup just lay there staring with the raindrops bathing her pupils. She never blinked, never stirred, just stared. They told me she was breathing and there was a pulse of course, but Buttercup was definitely "gone". No one knew how or where…

I still think of her now and again...When I do, I slowly walk down to her new home in this world and place fresh buttercups on her stone. Sometimes I chuckle as I stand there looking down and remembering her but most times I don’t laugh or cry.

As I heavily stroll away from Buttercup's new home, I hope and pray that where ever she has gone away to there is someone who loves her and there is someone that she loves…

There are a million ways to leave planet Earth, Buttercup's did it one way...and when I see a lavender buttercup, they always make me weep for the friend I will never see again.


Buttercups, Daydreamer, Death, Lady, Life, Loneliness, Loveless, Misery, Neglected, Numb, Suffering, Woman

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I am a native of Texas who has lived in California and Iraq. Currently living in Seattle, WA, USA and author of three books; Hell in Houston, Sunbeams and Carnal.

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