CIS Droids of Star Wars

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Star Wars is an intergalactic film that has earned over $4 billion in box office. Throughout the movies, comics, cartoons and books, several battle droids are mentioned. If you guys are a Star Wars fan, I’m sure you’d like to get to know your droids better. So, here’s an opportunity!

B1 Battle Droid

The B1 Battle Droids are the basic infantry of the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) and are basically equipped with just a simple blaster pistol and sometimes a blaster rifle.
Unfortunately, they are not independent, but are controlled by a computer located inside the ship of the Trade Federation. If one shuts down, the rest would follow.

There are different units of B1 Battle Droids for e.g., an Assault Droid is equipped with a rocket launcher and a blaster pistol. These droids are used to take out enemy vehicles or a band of enemies at one spot.

An Assassin droid is equipped with a sniper rifle and a blaster pistol. These droids are used to take down enemy guards from a distance without being spotted.
The difference between these units is the color schemes on their bodies.

In a battle, it is the B1s that usually fall prey to enemy fire as they can easily be destroyed.

B2 Super Battle Droid

The B2 Super Battle Droids are the upgraded and superior versions of the B1s.
There are broader and can take more damage than their inferiors.

They are equipped with built-in dual laser cannons and tri-shots. Their commanding units are equipped with a laser cannon that can take down a couple of enemies standing on one spot.
Unlike the B1s, the Super Battle Droids don’t have to rely on signals to keep them going. They are more independent which makes them very useful in battle.

When in battle with clones, it is seen that it takes a couple of blaster shots to take one B2 down while for a B2, it would take just one shot to kill a clone or at least, injure it severely.

It is noted that the B2 never seems to run but walk all the time, even in battle.


A droideka is a special CIS battle droid (‘droid’ meaning robot and ‘eka’ meaning drone, ), that is equipped with not only a built-in offense, but with a built-in defense too.
It is equipped with repeating blasters that shower heavy firepower, giving no time for the enemy to fight back.
It is also equipped with a shield projector. When needed, it can activate a transparent shield that would completely cover the droideka, making it invulnerable to enemy fire, even light sabers. However, it can still take damage from heavy weapons such as cannons or gunships.

A droideka can turn itself into a ball and can travel at high speed, faster than any other droid in the CIS. However, it is completely vulnerable to enemy fire as it can’t activate its shield during ball mode, nor can it fire back. When it unfolds into a three-legged killer droid, it can use its armaments but it affects its speed. Since it has only three legs, it can only move an inch per second when unfolded.

Note: It was noted that during the Clone Wars, sometimes a person can just place his/her hand through the shield and then fire at the droid, destroying it. This is because a droideka's shield can only deflect blaster shots. It cannot stop organsms from passing through.


Magnaguards are one of the most efficient droids in the CIS. They are completely independent and are tough to take down. The Magnaguards were specially created to assist General Grievous and Count Dooku.

The main weapon of the Magnaguard is the electrostaff, a long stick with energy tendrils at either side that could stun a person or, if used with extreme force, kill. They have secondary weapons such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers and recon droids.
What makes them unique is their defense.

In the beginning of Episode III of the Star Wars series, Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan was shown battling a Magnaguard aboard The Invisible Hand, Grievous’ command ship. Obi-Wan sliced off the Magnaguard’s head with his light saber, but it still kept fighting. This is because a Magnaguard’s main processor is in its chests and not in its head. And they also have a ‘backup’ eye in their chest (as seen in the picture).

A Magnaguard’s hands are designed in such a way that it can skillfully use its electrostaff in one hand, making it easy for it to take their foes down. Some Magnaguards are equipped with special abilities such as a cloaking device or an extended arm.
Their body color identify their ranks.
For e.g. the one shown in the picture are assigned as bodyguards while completely grey colored ones are assigned as soldiers.

BX-Series Droid Commando

As their name suggests, the BX Commando Droids were special droids that specialized in battles and were tough to take down due to their agility.

They are similar to the B1 Battle Droids but their voice tone is similar to the B2 Super Battle Droid.

They are able to imitate voices which can be taken to their advantage when impersonating someone.
Commando droids are equipped with blaster rifles and stun batons.
Their commanding units are also equipped with a vibrosword.

A way to differentiate a commanding unit from the infantry is the white markings on their chestplate and brows (as shown in the picture).

They armor can sustain many blaster shots but always fall victim to a headshot.
Due to the cost of these droids, very few were seen.

Vulture Droid

Vulture Droids are self-programmed droids that were built for aerial battles rather than ground battles.

When landed, the Vulture Droid unfolds it's four pointed legs.
But when in battle, those legs curve up parallel to each other.

This starfighter is equipped with rapid-fire blaster cannons located between the parallel legs and torpedo missiles.
The newer versions are also equipped with missiles that release Buzz Droids.
Buzz Droids are used to dismantle enemy ships.

The Vulture Droid was capable of avioding enemy fire which no living pilot could.

Although it has its own memory, a Vulture Droid needs to be refueled every 35 minutes as it's fuel storage is small.

During the pre-Clone Wars, the Vulture Droids were brown in color.
But when the CIS had control of it, they were shown to have a light blue coloring with hexagonal patterns.


Tri-Droids are enormous three-legged droids that also serve the CIS and appeared during the Clone Wars.
They are estimated to be about 50 feet tall.

Tri-droids are equipped with three sensors and three blasters (hence the name 'tri') around it's bulbous head.
Everytime they fire, the guns and sensors rotate.
Due to their rotating armament, they can fire at any direction which makes it a worthy threat.
They have been fitted with a droid brain which makes them independent in their own will.

They have heavy armor and don't fall prey to blaster shots that easily.
The are also able to hang on vertical surfaces.

DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid

The Dwarf Spider Droids are four-legged spider droids that proved valuable to the CIS.

They consist of a dome with a blaster mounted on it that is attached on four legs spreaded out like a spider's legs.
They have two large, red photoreceptors in the front on top of the blaster cannon.

Their blaster can fire two types of rounds:

  • Small, rapid shots that can wipe out several enemies.
  • Slower, larger, more powerful rounds that can cause a large impact and can destroy light vehicles.

However, the blaster cannon is fixed and cannot execute an instant attack on enemies behind the droid, thus making it ineffective against speedy targets.
Also, the length of the blaster sometimes hinders its movements in confined areas. Enemies can take an advantage of this.

Other than the blaster cannon, it also has a self-destruct sequence incase an enemy comes close to it and the droid can't do anything to stop it.
Once it self-destructs, anyone near the droid would turn to ashes.

The ariel antennae on top of its head has a connection with the OG-9 Homing Spider Droid. When the Dwarf Spider Droid spots a target from afar, it sends a signal to the OG-9 Homing Spider Droid via the antennae on its head and the OG-9 Homing Spider Droid elimates the target.

Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid (A-DSD)

The A-DSD is the superior version of the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid.
It is heavily armoured than the DSD1 and thus more powerful.

The A-DSD was a tough threat for the Republic as it can sustain uneven terrain.
It is equipped with a multitude of armaments such as dual heat-seeking missiles that barely fail in hitting their targets plus heavy blasters.

Built on top of the droid was a tremendous cannon that fired energy bolts that caused mass destruction as it caused a large explosion on impact with the ground.

A noticeable weakness this droid has is the lone sensory red-colored eye the droid possesses.

BL-Series Battle Legionnaire

The BL-Series Battle Legionnaires were droids that were produced in limited quantities for the Mandalorian Protectors.
They are similar to 3PO-series protocol droids but these droids are warriors and fight.
Their armaments are basic blaster rifles.

Ground Armoured Tank

The Ground Armoured Tank (GAT) are self-programmed droids that served during the Clone War.

Their weapons consisted of two laser cannons and two missile-launchers.

The GAT was used earlier in the Clone Wars but as the time passed, it was proved ineffective against new Republic weapons and was rarely used.
Also, with the usage of the spider and tri-droids, the GAT was rendered useless.

B2 Grapple Droid

Based on the B2 Super Battle Droid, the grappling versions are specifically designed for close-combat cases, especially in planetary invasion.
They are recognizable by their body color which is blue.

More vicious than their predecessors, the B2 Grapple Droids are equipped with sharp pincers that are able to impale it's enemies.
They also have fireball throwers.

Like the B2, they have heavy armor that can withstand enemy fire.

LM-432 Crab Droid

Another warrior of the CIS, the LM-432 Crab Droid were crab-shaped four-legged fighter droids, similar to the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid.

Crab Droids are powerful droids that can use their legs to impale their enemies.
Other than their legs, they are also equipped with twin blasters that are also capable of firing a double shot.
They also have a vacuum pump that can be used to clear paths for the CIS army.

These droids are equipped with heavy armor that was capable of deflecting similar blaster shots.
Larger versions of this unit also have legs that are tipped with heavy duranium stabilizers.

They are very first runners and can easily catch up to their enemies.

OG-9 Homing Spider Droid

The OG-Homing Spider Droid was an enormous self-programmed battle droid that participated in the Battle Of Geonosis.

They have four large, armoured spider-shaped legs that are capable of keeping their stand on tough ground.
These droids were heavily armored and heavily armed.
They are in possession of a mounted laser emplacement that is located on top of the droid and is fired from a dish.

An anti-personnel laser cannon is installed on the bottom of the round body that is used for close-combat. That armament is also fired from a dish.

Although-heavily armoured, their legs are vulnerable to attacks and if one is disabled, the whole walker would crash to the ground.

Note: If you carefully look at the picture of the DSD1 Spider Droid mentioned above, you'll see two of these giant walkers in the background.

IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid

The IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid was self-programmed battle droid that served the CIS and was a more of a threat to vehicles than infantry.
The droid possessed two large hoops on either side for movement. They could move at an incredible speed. Near the center, it contained a total of thirty missiles that also acted as heat-seekers.
These missiles were very powerful and were capable of destroying large vehicles such as the AT-TE, AT-OT etc.

Other than the missiles, it also contained a pair of blaster cannons that were retractable. These cannons were used on the infantry as missiles were risky to use against them as they could also cause casualties on the droid's allies.


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