Call Me Out

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This second story is also about just to let you all know that yes still their are many paranormal activities which we ignore most of the times and yes we should , their is no point to engage with these untill its good ,but yes we should not it can b bad too.. 3:)

Call Me Out..

Thundering Dawn , a ray of sun trying to reveal the darkness but fails ...A false morning.. or a judgement day.... 3:) A boy namely Krushna who lives in Jabalpur went to his old friends Naman's House at Ranjhi . Naman was with his 2 year old daughter and his Wife was not in the house. He was visibly shocked to know the untimely death of a girl, who was living in the same street ,She was Muslim and was Fun loving . That girl,he was told by Naman was quite charming and she use to play hours with Naman's Daughter. The Girl used to call Naman as Bhai jaan 'elder brother'. The girl's parents shifted their residence to a nearby place in the same vicinity but not in the same street. But, unfortunately, in a fire accident, the Girl died the previous day. Both of them Naman and his wife Sulekha went to her Funeral.

After some weeks... Naman's daughter was sleeping in the bedroom. Naman and Krushna were together in the hall. Then they heard the voice calling Bhai jaan. Krushna went out to see if there was anybody outside.But nooo their was no one.He thought it was just his imagination and went to the hall. Once again he heard the voice calling ''bhai jaan where is Your Daughter i want to play with her''. This time Naman also heard it. It got repeated 3 or 4 times and He was like shivering went to his bedroom to check his daughter she was sleeping. He told Krushna that the voice was that of the girl who died in the fire accident. It kept on repeating for around for 6 minutes and both were confused and scared too. Then they went to the holy place temple just to pray god ,and after coming back , they placed a candle near the entrance of their house. They could clearly hear the voice "No, no, no you should not " and then there was silence. scared.
After a sudden everything became quite ..and no disturbance...
After the return of Naman's wife. He was told by Naman that He could hear the voice regularly too, if Her spirit is not free then she may cause harm too, just to help out Krushna they told him to leave their house for safety ,but Krushna refused and said that he will not leave them in this condition...suddenly some sound rises in kitchen room , the equipment's were ON without even plugged in , they got scared .. they went outside , the playroom of Naman's daughter was also sounding weird.. they again placed a candle just to make sure it may help them again.. then every thing calms down..

After some weirdo days they went to some tantrik who said that they should not engage with that soul as that soul is not free and that spirit is already got emotionally attached with Naman's daughter, they should 'nt come to that home 14 days of rituals .. so they followed everything and after 14 days they went back again.. and that solved the messed up conditions ...

But still if you are believing like you have seen something around you , someone is following you !! if its true and presently its in real world then you should look forward for it , but if not then please ignore dont get attach with foul conditions and events it may be good for you but it may harm too 3:)

Stay Safe be in a real world..


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