Can God Also Make Mistakes???

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This article is a dream that I saw actually. May the sudden and unexpected demise of my father was making me too restless and thus I had this dream to pacify me.

Can God Also Make Mistakes?

Last night was a night like every night. It was a night when I went to sleep as usual. But something strange happened. I saw a dream and it was so strong that it shook the very base of my belief that God is perfect, He is always right.

My father had passed away eight years back. Since then yesterday was the first time that I saw him in my dream talking to me. He came and sat near my head. Placed his hand on my head and gently caressed my face. I felt his every touch for real. Even before I could ask him something, he began to speak and his every word went deep into my heart. Here is what he said-

Dear, the day I left this world, I was very sad. I still had dreams to fulfill and responsibilities to carry out. Brother and you were too young to take up the charge of the family. Mummy was too shocked and nervous as I left all of sudden. But then I thought that that was my destiny and began to accept the end of my journey of life.

I was taken to Heaven. The souls there were happy and were having a peaceful life. However much I tried, I could not be happy and peaceful like any of them. There was a pain that continued to pinch my heart and wanted to share it, I wanted to let it out. But I couldn’t find anyone to share my pain.”

I wanted to open my eyes and see papa once, it has been a long time since I saw him. However, he did not let me open my eyes and continued to speak-

“Baby, I’m a soul. I have no body or form for you to see.”

And thus saying, he caressed my hair once more and continued his story-

“Days passed and slowly they began to turn into years. I was feeling restless and finally this morning God Himself summoned for me. Although there seemed no reason to me, yet God looked sad and dull. On seeing me, he forced a smile and greeted me warmly. He made me sit next to him and said that he had wanted to have a talk with me. I felt tempted to say, ‘Me too!’ but controlled and said, ‘Please My Lord.’ And what the God said has left me feeling even more uncomfortable-

‘Son, I have a confession to make. Yes, your ears may not believe what they are hearing but it’s right. I wanted to speak to you since a long time but everytime my ego came in the way. But now I must tell you as this secret is becoming a burden on me. Your death was a mistake on my part. It was not you but somebody else whose soul I wanted to bring here on that day. I cannot explain how it happened but by the time I realized and could send your soul back, it was too late. Your body was cremated.

I see your heart is heavy with pain because you had unaccomplished dreams and responsibilities. I know I cannot give you back your life now. But there is something that I can do for you to make you relaxed and happy. Your children will fulfill your every dream. I will bless them at every step and I will teach them every lesson of life that you wanted to teach them. I promise that they will look after your wife with all the love and care that she deserves. And finally, I will make sure that they make their parents proud and stand as an example of perfect children and loving human beings.’

Lavani, God made a mistake in taking me away from you all. I wish I could come back to you in person but I really cannot. I wanted to do so much for your brother and you. I wish I could support and live with you all a little longer. The only way to relieve me of my pain is to watch you children grow and turn into successful, humble and responsible individuals.

So dear, please remember that whatever happens in your life has a motive behind it. Every experience will have something to teach. Learn and grow up to be the way I dreamt of you to be. Brother and you will have the blessings of God and mine always. When times are rough, observe what lesson you can learn. When you are happy, thank the ones responsible in bringing that joy to you, including the God. And last, always remember that I love Mummy, brother and you a lot and I’m proud of each one of you for the way you handled everything after I left. I saw how difficult it was for all of you.”

The voice seemed to fade away. I wanted to assure Papa that we will never let him down. But his presence could not be felt any more. I sat up only to feel the tears rolling down my eyes. However, I felt less angry with God for having taken away my father just when we needed him the most. Now when I look back and see how we grew up in life since papa left us, I could see that God has kept his promise throughout.

But can God too really make mistakes???


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Dreams can be very soothing and comforting.

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author avatar Jack Wellman
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Truly a moving, touching, and beautiful story about God reassuring you thru dreams. Wow. This is so special. thank you

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author avatar Lavanya
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Hi Jack,
When words pour our from the depth of the heart, they surely turn out to be very touching and moving.

Thank You so much for appreciating my dream.

Love & Smiles,

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