Can We Do Anything for Curbing Corruption?

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This articles tells you about the deadliest danger the Corruption. you can also read about the causes of Corruption and its possible remedies. You can decide whether to support or to oppose Corruption.

Corruption its Causes and Effects.

Corruption is a great problem in this twenty first century, today it has emerged as a daily practice in most of the organizations. Now it has became a world wide phenomena. A corrupt person is termed immoral, dishonest and unscrupulousness in his dealings.Corruption is most virulent when crises every where threaten the existence of the society and the faith in life is shaken. It has always been there like a leech, but when the system grows weaker and the boat flounders, it gets bolder and drains its victims of the last drops of their blood.
Corruption needs only two prerequisites first, there must be a predisposition from the part of the of an individual to accept gratification and second he must have some discretionary power to affect some sections of the public. When both these factors combine corruption prevails easily.
In the democratic governments in which the people rule by elected representatives corruption has increased as the number of people in the government increases it lead in to increase in the corruption rate.
The anti corruption department and the vigilance commission in India are seated up on to stop corruption but in most of these cases they are also not free from corruption. However these departments are specialized in catching small fishes to show off the departmental efficiency but they drop the big catches which prove too hot to handle or just allowed to slip through the net. The medias has played a significant role in showing the people a lot of corruptions. The Satyagraha by the Gandhian Anna Hazare has opened the eyes of most of the people. Now people realized the need for Jan Lokpal.but there are rumors about corruptions even in the group of Anna Hazare.
If the people in the country are dare enough to fight against the problem of corruption with the help and support of the media we can prevent or stop corruption to some extent. So, lets hope that a day may come and prosper in our life where corruption is no longer prevailing not only in India but also from this world.

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