Can my feet get fat and slim down?

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Are feet a fat storing area?

Usually when we think about what areas of our bodies we'd like to slim down, we usually think for men it's the fat round sack of a belly, maybe even the chest when it starts to look like wabbly boobs, the pop-out fold just under the chest on both sides, and the double-chin and cheeks on the face. For women it's usually all of those plus the fat butt and the hips that start looking like a hot air balloon, and the upper arms that go like wabbly jelly.

Can my feet get fat and slim down?

But what about the feet?

I never thought much of the feet. Only in retrospect, things seem to make sense.

I remember I was a size 10 (UK) in shoes. I remember well because I've been a size 10 for years and years, and the last pair of really nice air-cushioned Nikes I bought was in 2008, and they were a size 10 too.

However, between 2010 and 2012 I must have ballooned very gradually, becoming a fat piece of crap without realizing, because it happened over two years.

And that's when, after wearing a size 10 for years and years, I suddenly needed a size 12, sometimes even 13 when any particular pair was a small Chinese make.

Somehow because it happened over two years, I didn't pick up that maybe my feet were fat. I didn't think that feet could get fat. I knew that my stomache and therefore my middle could get fat, because I needed a new longer belt and I started needing a size 44 pants, after wearing only a size 36 a mere few years before. I also had to buy t-shirts, that I wore in size XL for years, first in a size XXL and then jumping between XXL and XXXL, depending on the make.

It became very difficult to find these sized clothes, because these sizes just aren't as readily available, at least not in Voortrekkerdorp.

Then of course if you've been following my story, about two months ago I started acting in an online movie project and needed to become picture perfect again, so I started immediately on slimming down through eating less and doing exercise whenever the opportunity arises.

And, what do you know, a pair of really nice-feeling shoes I bought in a size 12 only about two months ago, started feeling too loose this past week. Pity, because I liked them, but it's obvious soon they'll be too big for me.

Yesterday, I saw these beautiful leather shoes at the store, that are slip-ins, despite their grand appearance. I've been looking for slip-ins that fit well for about two years now, so I wanted them.

Desperately I looked for a size 12 in them. Only to find of course there isn't any. Noooooooo!!!

Yet, strangely, my instinct says to take a size 10.

I didn't listen, and found to my delight a size 11. I tried one on on my right feet. Perfect!

I bought the size 11. Yet, today, I'm afraid maybe I made a mistake. I should have bougth the size 10. Because what do you know, firstly the left foot's shoe is far too loose to wear; I'm still trying to figure out if my left foot is smaller than my right, or if they made the shoes slightly different sizes, despite both being labled size 11.

Secondly, the right foot's shoe is feeling too loose today too.

I have a good mind to go buy that size 10 next chance I have, but with my luck that size 10 will probably be sold out the next time I get to the store. Please hope for me that it's still there! These leather shoes are wonderful and beautiful!

So, in conclusion, I guess I'm learning that one's feet also get fat and slim down along with the rest of you, even though nobody ever promotes slimming down your feet.

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14th Oct 2015 (#)

Excellent post and style too!

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