Can one fire actually spread over the entire world?

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By now, many stories are doing the rounds on the news about wildfires burning everywhere, killing people and animals, and causing damage even to celebrities.

Can one fire actually spread over the entire world?

I'm so glad that thankfully (!), we have had our big fire over here that almost killed us, and burned down just about everything that can burn (fortunately not the buildings, although at some point we did think so. Even though our houses and buildings didn't burn, they sure smell burned throughout.), so now no more wildfires can start up where the world is already burned we hope.

It's so weird how last week, for Timebotics, I was creating a scene in which a dangerous man or robot starts a wildfire in order to sabotage our main character, and lo and behold, there starts really a fire so fierce that we thought our lives as we knew it was over.

It's actually a running belief for many years now, that whatever I create in my movies manifest itself in reality in some form. And we're not kidding believing that. Among other strange anomalies, I once made a movie about a guy being a computer nerd, and lo and behold, the actor's career then took him the route of landing a job at a computer store which took him further into a career of computers.

But it's not always good. At another time I made a movie about a guy going to jail and coming out then becoming my shepherd, looking after my sheep. Without my knowledge, Mother hired this guy to become our shepherd for real, and then later, he went to jail for being mean to one of his girlfriends or something. So instead of first jail then shepherd, life just turned it around, but the point is it came true.

The worst so far was when I hired a guy to play an evil criminal without a conscience in one of my movies. After about a year, in real life some criminal gang was terrorizing everybody in the area, stealing and robbing with fire-arms. When a ruthless detective and his team caught them, sure enough, there is my criminal actor among them, being the criminal my movie destined for him. Well he can be lucky that he only went to jail for a long time; in the movie he was killed in the end. (Maybe this part is still coming in reality?)

Harrison is always so careful about what I depict with him whenever I make him a music video for Josh Mercury, because although he's not a superstitious guy, he has a fear that whatever I depict may become reality, so he wants to keep it good.

Anyway, so I'm making my movie about a wildfire, and a week ago it happened. I got so much extra footage because I filmed the whole thing as it happened, of fires burning everywhere. I guess that's one bright side to this whole thing.

Today I decide that I need some more footage of the aftermath too. So Majesty and I drive out deep into the veld, to film the scorched earth.

But what is that? After driving some time, we get to a place where it's still smoking. Some pieces of tree and wood are still burning too.

We assumed that since it's been a week, the fire is long over. But nope, it seems a fire can just burn day after day, right into the next week, even more if there's more for it to consume.

Well, I guess this is good. Now it looks like I'm filming on the day right after the fire. I film a lot of footage.

The fire doesn't make big flames though where we are, because the wind is blowing something insane. This time of year, the winds blow something crazy here, like if you're not careful, something being blown by the wind could hit you and kill you. So now, here where we are, the wind blows in the direction of the already burned landscape, so the fire isn't really spreading against the wind onto unburned land. Not that it's not trying - it's very, very slowly burning more of the unburned land, but smoking more than burning.

It was just very interesting to me that after all this time, the fire is still going. It seems to me if nobody stops it or have sufficient technology to stop it, a fire will just simply continue and burn all the way across the African continent, up into the Middle East and Asia and Russia and then the Americas. Only Australia and New Zealand will survive. Unless they each catch their own fire.

Ok maybe not. But in theory anyway.

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20th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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