Can the World Live in Peace

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Rising instances of conflict across the world raises negativity and discontent all across the world

Conflicts are on the rise...

Everywhere you look today, the world seems riven on the lines of disharmony of some nature, large scale violence in some part of the world or other hog the daily headlines. What seems to be wrong with humanity? Why this intolerance in balanced human society?
From Ukraine to Syria, India to Iraq, Australia to Pakistan, society is struggling to maintain peace and harmony. Elements of discontent, political, social and religious, are tearing at the fabric of humanity and very soon there will be nothing left of this world as we know it. It is essentially due to misplaced ambitions of power amongst a select few, who then influence the thoughts of a gullible multitude. This ripple effect in turn leads to escalating violence and often, disaster. From the time of the religious crusades or imperial conquests, man has never been satisfied with what he had. It has always been about more and more power or proving superiority over the other.The world fought two devastating wars over a megalomaniacs vision of Aryan superiority. But we have not learnt any lesson from all that.
We continue being driven by misplaced ideology, waging a war against unseen enemies, killing ourselves and our brethren over issues that are not issues at all! God did not create man thinking that he would not only destroy itself, in the process also harm and devalue nature and its gifts. Our tolerance levels are at rock bottom, patience, understanding and broad mindedness do not exist. Anyone takes umbrage at anything at all, the recourse to that is violence. There is no discussion, no moderation, only extreme steps. Peace is unheard of as a concept. Satire has become hurtful, the result fatal. Freedom is encroached upon at will by the mighty, the common man has well and truly been silenced.
Our religions have become so fragile and tenuous that any and everybody can cast a slur on it. Really? I thought my religion had more strength than that, how can anybody change that today? Killing people doesn't change that, that is the true insult of my religion. The other word for religion is Faith, how can somebody, just like me, damage that faith by doing anything? Who has given me the authority to avenge all perceived insults on my religion, country or anything else? If I do have the power, why can't I use it to better humanity? If I am that great a preacher and influencer, why can't I gather my people and fight environmental degradation? If I can so easily teach hatred, why can't I teach Love? The answer is, I don't want to. Arms manufacturers, military equipment manufacturers and ration suppliers rejoice at the increased violence. It is good for their business!
The World Leaders should take stock, including those from the conflict regions and religious heads from all influential corners should sit together and preach tolerance and patience, not violence. There should be an earth for our next generation to live in, we are doing our best to destroy that. Our religions are centuries old, they have survived a lot and they will survive till the end of humanity. No one or nothing can tarnish it. Let us all live in peace, smiles and happiness. There are enough troubles for mankind, without the added large scale violence and genocide. People, we have to stop this.


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