Can there be good relations between Iran and the United States?

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This essay, written for one of my college classes, covers the relationship between Iran and the United States. What brought us to where we are today and what, if anything, can be done to bring about good relations between this two countries?

Can there be good relations between Iran and the United States?

Considering the long and complicated history that exists between the United States and Iran, as well as the political standing of both countries on the international front, there is no way for these two countries to remain politically separated indefinitely. Since the US has so often spoken about trying to attain peace in the Middle East there is no way to achieve that without their first being a positive and meaningful exchange with Iran. Yet for this to happen there needs to be a considerable shift in how these countries approach each other, as both are to blame for the current animosities and issues so both countries must play an active role in effecting change.

To consider where Iran and the United States need to go we must first consider where they are right now and understand what is leading to the challenges they face in their relations with each other. As Beeman explains much of these troubles are caused by the divergent ways they try to start this relationship again, “It is a safe assumption that people – and nations – cannot be expected to shoot themselves in the foot on request, and yet this is just what U.S. and Iranian leaders have asked each other to do again and again since the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79 (Beeman 207). While this sort of encounter would obviously be counterproductive in individual relationships it is not as clear when crossing such varied cultures as the US and Iran have. Beeman goes on to explain how the crux of the problem comes down to two issues; “It is clear that the United States and Iran have had problems in two areas: in situations that allow moral posturing, and in situations where one nation makes unwarranted and unproven assumptions about the leaders of the other” (Beeman 211). Until the two nations can move past these roadblocks to communication there is no real hope for any political actions between the nations to be fruitful. This sort of posturing and political interaction will not only erode the almost non-existent relationship between these two nations but also have a negative effect on the entire region due to the geopolitical relevance of Iran.

So now that we have covered the primary issues that prevent good relations between the United States and Iran we need to consider how do we improve them and is it even possible. I would argue that it is possible though not necessarily with the political players that are currently in power in either nation. There will need to be the right combination of events and politicians to allow these two countries to finally bridge the ever widening chasm that has formed between them since the Islamic Revolution. Ansari works to explain the myths that each country has formed about the other and that these will need to be overcome; “The first step, therefore, must be to confront these myths, recognize their importance and potency, and begin their deconstruction” (Ansari 236). This process is likely to take just as long as the process of their construction took and possibly longer, however you can never come to the end of a road you never start down. Part of the animosity is caused by the different approaches that the nations have taken to start these conversations as described by Beeman “For the United States, the goal of accommodation is for Iran to recognize American superiority. For Iran, the goal of resistance is to force the United States to recognize Iran’s right to be treated as an equal member of the international community” (Beeman 190). I think it is imperative for peace that the two countries come to terms with each other and stop trying to prove each other wrong, in this case the US needs to back down and accept Iran as a legitimate country and interact with them as they do the rest of the world. This is supported by others as well, “Therefore, he said that if the United States has hopes of diplomatic relations, the American government must adopt a more respectful tone (Jooshani).

Iran and the United States must work to come to terms with each other, no longer can they allow the posturing and symbolic rhetoric to stand in the place of meaningful interaction and appropriate diplomatic relations. These relations are imperative “If peace in the region is the aim, furthering diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States, however prone to crisis they would be, must be pursued in earnest” (Adib-Moghaddam). Though I would hope to see in my lifetime a workable relationship between Iran and the US, preferable one that can act as a door to peace for the region I also realize that these two countries have spent the greater part of my life in conflict and have a long road to go before they can reach a place of diplomatic understanding.

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author avatar Ahmad
30th Jan 2011 (#)

i wish these countries would be nice to each other and never put the blame on eachother ,god willing

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author avatar Ahmad
30th Jan 2011 (#)

dear author
i would like to talk to you about this essay and also tell you some facts that mabe you dont know ,so pls email me ,by the way my name is ahmad,24 year old.iranian.
an english teacher.hope to talk to you soon.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Apr 2011 (#)

Good essay. Made me think.

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