Cancer - A Poem -

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Cancer will effect all of us in someway or another . This poem is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who find their significant other has been directly effected by this terrible disease. I wish you both well in your fight and pray that someday they will find a cure.

Cancer - A poem from the Heart -

Cancer - A Poem -
They came with the ambulance yesterday
You were admitted to the hospital straight away
You'd been feeling unwell and somehow weak
The doctors advice you were reluctant to seek.

With tests and procedures a diagnosis was made
An incurable Tumour, with no way to be saved
This dreaded disease has sealed your fate
Old questions are answered about drastic lost weight.

Your body's collapsing, heightening my fears
All I want is to wipe away both of our tears
Was it the smoking? Now we'll never know
You ignored warnings on packets as alcohol flowed

Memories I'm holding onto, as a millionaire to wealth
I can't help thinking the worst, in-spite of myself
How has it spread to each organ so fast?
This silent enemy has got the last laugh.

Your pain is so evident on your stricken face
A part of me wants this over, is this always the case?
Although I can't imagine an hour without you
Your words are so tortured you can but utter a few.

I'd take your pain for a day, if only I could
You're my other half so you know that I would
Doctors and Nurses try to give a passing half smile
But tubes from your bed seem to go on for miles.

I'm desperately stroking and holding your hand
But for us our time is running out like fine desert sand
I promise to always keep thoughts of you dear
I'll even try to forget your last hours here.

This person I love with all of my heart
I can't really believe, it's tearing me apart
A disease so rapid it can't be right
It didn't even give you the chance to put up a fight.

What will I do if you really leave me and go?
Doctors can be wrong, miracles happen you know?
I just want to block out what's staring me in the face
I want to avoid seeing sickness and run from this place.

I need to pretend our happy dreams will come true
Places we've planned to visit, romantic meals for two.
Who would have guessed we would part this way?
If I begged you, I know, you still couldn't stay.

You are slipping away now, I see it in your unfocused eyes
A last kiss for us both, denied even sweet goodbyes
As I leave you now, released, tepid and still
I'm left with the taste of Cancers' bitter pill.


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Hi, I have lived all my life in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in England. I love to write especially poems. I write for fun and to relax but some of my subjects may seem dark. I seem to have the ability to write down and share ideas about ...(more)

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Well written but, what a sad poem. As is cancer.
This will be my last comment to you and all others on wikinut for a few weeks, I need some much needed rest.
As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar blackangelwings
23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Thankyou for your kind words.I find writing my poems helps me to deal with my sadness or share the happy times. I know we will all miss you whilst your away , enjoy your rest. Thankyou for reading and your upliftment.

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