Captain James Galiac Sananda: How You All Came To First Be On This Earth And Why You Are Here

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Captain James Galiac goes into instructional detail in answering the most asked question in this world, and that is: Why Are We Here, Who Put Us Here, And When?! – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

When the Captain speaks of the "Creator" he is referring to the Oneness and not just One person. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

“Earth was founded upon the ‘joining at the seams,’ so to speak, of many diverse cultures, in order to perform as the one station in the galaxy, whereby all visiting cultures could gather in proximity of graceful presentation toward one another. “ Captain James Galiac Sananda. – Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

What Concerns You - Concerns Us

“Jezebel did not raise you - we did! From the first of our species ever placed upon the face of this Earth, we have fed, nurtured and given freely of our wealth of wisdom toward the ongoing evolution of our seeds. Adam was a stereotype of the people that we are, and in an effort to place upon his conscience all that we had ourselves learned, we gave to him another race to contend with. That being, of course, of the Pleiadian faction - our brothers in the cause of the one great Creator or Creation, if you wish. We are officially, you could say, from the Andromeda sector. And as man needs woman, a literal part of his makeup to be, only then can he see his way forward into the darkness of his own preconceived reality.

An Adam - One Of Many - Many Adams - Many Races

“Now Adam, as you call him, which was not his name at all, conceived of a mate by the calling of his fathers. Adam was neutralized in a sense through the stating of his chemical makeup. And that is precisely why the damsel was given, to accommodate that negativity of darkness which reigns within all of us from time to time, to put for Adam the check upon his consciousness, and to her from him. Indwelt them was the spirit, which is no more and no less than that ‘spark of life,’ as you call it, so given as a part of the Creator, into the experiences of all living particles, which are you and I.

“For example, you knew, did you not, that the first choice, of which you term in hieroglyphics as the ‘Adam,’ was not without negativity or ‘sin,’ as you put it, but rather came to experience all that was within the spectrum of man's perceived reality of ability.

“Founded upon the justice system of the Universal Laws, Adam was faced with the decision to embrace all that the Earth had to offer. And if the opportunity ever were to arise that Adam must choose between that which he knew to be ‘the way’ or path of evolutionary progress, and the darkened influences of the astral plane, then his perception of reality at that time was given way to not be of the hindering prospect toward the playout of a new creation, or reality.

Favour With The Gods?!

“Ofttimes things do get out of hand, chelas, and Adam, in an effort to make a conscious decision as to what to thank for his favour with the gods and where indeed he should place his thankfulness, proved to be the hindering factor as to the real extent of his powerfulness.

And chelas, many times events are recalled, and do we not all continue in the making of many mistakes in the likeness of one mistake with another? Therefore lessons grow with time and servitude is outlined only through the categories which we place upon ourselves. No one is really here to blame, for could you have done of the better in choice than the first man in his aptitude test? Methinks, dear ones, not!

What About The Races Of The World?!

“The first race was recorded thusly and transpired by favour within the universal structure and its inhabitants. Many others from many civilizations, who indwelt within the stars, also kept of themselves in tune with the harmonics of life through the shouldering in like fashion that same style of projecting of their seed upon the Earth as well. From these ones did come into being the twelve tribes of the world: in Afrikaans, the Indian, Malayan, Hebrew, Caucasian, Mongolian, Chinese, as well as hybrids of a multitude of diverse races, all stemming, dear ones, from a sector of the universe working in cohesive structure toward the forming of their races for expansion.

“It was seen that if each race could indeed find within itself that purity of thought, word, and concisive effort to tie itself within itself, then the undermining of the races would prove intact as to where each did come from within the galaxy, and contention, which so often arises, would smolder in the depths of life and never have cause to surface.

“For each galactic race did hold within itself those spectacular truths of their heritage, understanding, and laws of the Universal Oneness. It was to be a grand gathering of all races near your quadrant in an effective plan to rejoin them with ourselves when the day came to an end.

How A Prophet Is Born

“Because the purity of the races was so important, rationality swept across the currents of time bringing about turmoil and strife. And this only because of proclaiming themselves as the gods that they are as being of the ‘better knowing’ than that of their forefathers. Daniel knew the equation, and the formation of truth of that event through the power of transformation of the deciphering of his mind into our reality. Therefore we had no hindrance in assisting him daily with a resume of knowing how to listen, and so qualify himself to respond to us. Thusly, a prophet is born!

“Nonetheless, when the races began to join and conception began among the genders, a great scandal arose, and simply for the forfeiting of all that which their fathers had implified that they marry only one with another - race within race! THIS WAS MERELY TO PROTECT THE PURITY OF EACH AND EVERY PLANETARY MEMBER OR SPECIES! We did not at all surmise that there would come a time whereby the skin of one amplified that of another, for the just cause in that sort of conclusion falls just short of the mark of idiocysm!

Earth Was Founded Through The Oneness Of Unity!

“The whole episode of man's departure from the womb of his or her culture was to simply perform in one location that closeness of subversity as was found upon scattered planets within our system. Earth was founded upon the ‘joining at the seams,’ so to speak, of many diverse cultures, in order to perform as the one station in the galaxy, whereby all visiting cultures could gather in proximity of graceful presentation toward one another.

“In order then to stabilize the generalities of just what would happen if the cultures or races were to mix - we did not venture - for each and every people have their ways, and credit each other with diversity of thought, and learn from one another, and bask in the knowingness that all are created as individual portions or grains of sand from the very consciousness of the One Creator!

“But all went contrary to the indication of foresight, and the result, dearest ones, is that of which ye all are, and what ye have all become toward us (who are) of your own flesh and blood.
What concerns the each of you in these Last Days, or rather, in order to be pronounced as being more specific, I could comfortably say ‘In these last two thousand years’ does in the least concern us.

Gate Of Retribution!

“So forget not that we, as individuals of cultures long forgotten throughout the galaxy of your diminutive understanding, have gathered together one last time in order to bring about a cohesive understanding of race upon race of diverse colours - reclaiming for the last time in your history, our and their own for the purpose of elevating the each of you, who are ready, into the hierarchy of providing you with a second chance at the gate of retribution!

“Beloveds, I stand not alone, for the aspects of myself do come in diverse colours, and as I am one joined at the hip, so to speak, with my brothers and sisters of purity - so do we all join intricately within the duty of the Creator of all. In the past we have stricken from the record all nuances of which you have undoubtedly founded upon your own slateboards. But no longer, chelas, will we be ignored nor slandered by the viciousness of your tongue.

“Better for you to dislodge it than to express your wrath of embitterment toward our camps, for darkness may just as unwittingly catch you off guard and produce in your understanding a rejoining to yourselves of all that which you now despise! Be careful then of what you speak to us, for in the long run, chelas, we have only meant to help you. For it is we who have put you here.

“Consider our alliance intimately then, for we consider you ‘our people,’ no matter what race sublime you may have at one time come up from. For, dear ones, whatever, doth concern the any of ye intricately, about who we truly are, to speak to you in this fashion of late, let us remind you again, that it was we who put you here!

“Sananda Esu Jmmanuel. Close off transmission for this eve, scribe, and thank you for your dedication to this mission. Adieu.” (End quote) (From our book The Unspoken Truth)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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3rd Aug 2013 (#)

I agree totally about Adam and much of what is scribed here...thank you..blessings

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Thank you, Carolina, for your much appreciated comment.

Have of yourself a great day!

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You are a very creative person.

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Thank you Trillionaire, but I am a scribe and not the author of these writs.

We all work as a team in perfect clockwork from the Commanders to the Mancharians, to our ourselves, therein is the finished product the product of us all.

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Amazing words! Sometimes I have to read a sentence a few times. I hope I'm understanding it all correctly.

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Nancy Czerwinski, our good friend, this writ is a study which like the works of Dante and Shakespeare, need to be studied over and over again at different (time) events.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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