Captain James Galiac Sananda: The Unspoken Truth - Your Conscience Guides You - Intimately!

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Do we forget all lessons learned and experiences accumulated as we reincarnate through the physical process of rebirth? Captain James Galiac Sananda talks about the conscience, the DNA, and the subconscious or intuition where all past memories are stored. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


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"Now, indeed, we do have much to further pen down in this anthology of life's drama, but curing the ham in one fell swoop with more than a teaspoon of honey at a time seldom makes the effort one for the relishing ... " - Captain James Galiac Sananda

Friday, 14th June 1996 (Continued)

Now, this is one of the most profound discoveries that ye ones perhaps have ever made within your hierarchical studies of past, present, and future makeup of the soul bearing process. So for the each of your sake, I will try to make this as simple as possible.

All subconscious lessons and experiences filter through to the subconscience as well as the consciousness of the other incarnated YOU. And what specifically does this in the least here relate to? Dear ones, it only means that while the each of ye are destined to remain in this present format of bodily attire toward the retaining of all those messages which are graphed in DNA coding within your spectre of range, you will in no wise end up with only this "one" and "only" present experience!

Listen To Your Intuition

Indeed, if the truth be so well understood, it would provide ye all with a base structure of reference. For each, the reference point is at the point of entry into birth after birth. So at this time for ye ones the entry into this lifestream was just as radical as the previous entry into another even more unusual experience of the past! Joining therefore with the DNA of yourself of the past experiences, you must hereby realize, that in order to gain the most out of every lesson taught by you toward the redeeming of yourself, you have joined simultaneously both, and every experience, through the center molecule of your consciousness - THE MIND!
Both aspects, then, of your Being reside in two or more dimensions equally and at the same time. Your "higher essence" - or rather, that part of you, which allows at all times for the correct decisions to be made, which, in other terms of your conduct, could be glossed as being "intuition" - is the area of your holy Being which comforts and causes you to relay back down to yourself all that insignificant goulash which really, when you think about it, offers no more protection from the harshness of the reality, which you create of the negative atoms than that which in reality is the outworking of the spirit within!

The Journey Of The Soul

Caution herewith institutes a paraphrase of graphic design within the helix restructuring, for as you progress off that wheel of entrapment, solely guided through your precious intuition, you then cease to find yourselves captivated by any thoughts of heretical applause. In defining the rapid movement of many radical movements upon your plane for the entire goodly unwrapping of the people's consciousness, we of the Lighted Side, do urge the each and every one of you to proclaim towit yourselves that beautiful and strategic mapping of another era, that, which so carefully lies ahead of the each of ye.
This is not a proclamation of truth, dear ones, but a reality wherewith many do join in for the experience. Sojourns are many for ye, and not in the least limited to just one incarnation or birth after the other. Nay, indeed, if fact be not prejudged, then we might just explain it of this way: Sojourns are indeed of the many, for each particle of truth is a conquering spirit of itself! These journeys do not in the least be of the limiting prowess from betwixt the one bodily form of mankind into another for further experiences or lessons of a sort, BUT IN EFFECT ARE JOINED, OR RATHER, INTERTWINED, WE COULD SAY, TOGETHER, TO FIT A COMMON CAUSE, AND THAT BEING THE EVOLUTION OF YOU IN ALL ITS EXPERIENCES!

Rebirth At Every Step

Whatever, chelas, is marked up upon your next map to be, whether it be as classified a random work of art through the portrait of God himself and of ye in the resemblance of archetype of such, you must remember that the credit given toward yourselves for conducting within each lifestream those lessons of purity and conscience are given to each strictly upon the past merits of their previously gained accomplishments!
So, where intuition has definitely gained ground within the establishments of perjury, it doeth you well to remember, that any such shock treatment of the soul consciousness aberrates likeness toward its redeeming half, and that of course, being of the subconscious structure, which is so carefully built in as to reflect as a protective cover over the archives of every one of your lives, thereby providing an index of a sort through the channeling of the DNA helix continuum down through the subsurface of your consciousness. And once you remember that you once were you in another form, dear ones, you will gladly cast off that old rather forlorn cloth, which you now adorn yourself in, and relish the furthering experience of gaining knowledge into yet another "new birth."

Now, indeed, we do have much to further pen down in this anthology of life's drama, but curing the ham in one fell swoop with more than a teaspoon of honey at a time seldom makes the effort one for the relishing. So as a last word from us on this epic, we will submit unto the least of ye yet another grand title of format, through which at best another abstraction will certainly be performed in the running.

Enter please, Seila: "Better Late Than Never!" Thank you once again for your keen participation in the annals of life, little star, and take now for yourself a breather for we will then continue on the after morrow. I AM THAT I AM, Lord Sananda Esu Jmmanuel, signing off transmission. Adieu. (End quote) (From our book, The Unspoken Truth) - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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