Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 16): On Money, Power And Enslavement

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Captain Jennifer Higgins is back with her typical tirade against the high and mighty. Though cloaked, her words are spiked with truthful innuendos calculated to hit home. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

Interesting, but less than beguiling I should think, and with the Swastika placed once again firmly in the ground, the Knight’s Templar along with all their swashbucklers and lantoons have relegated a new form to their outlet named the good ol’ Skull and Bones of the journeymen, so well connected to the Masonaries, and do read what was at the base of the Lady of Light off New York." - Captain Jennifer Higgins

March 10, 2014 3:00 pm

2:43 pm

“Captain Jennifer will be on deck at three-fifty, Captain Uthrania Seila, Sir.” - Captain Morgan Esquire waiting Command.

Uthrania: Thank you, Captain Morgan. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Sir.

Captain Morgan: “Thank you. Sir.”

2:50 pm

Uthrania: On standby for Captain Jennifer Higgins, Sir.

“Captain Higgins on the bridge! Everybody stand!” – Corporal Luburg!

(Everybody stands. I wonder what is going on? – Rania)

(As Captain Jennifer Higgins strides purposefully onto the bridge on the southern deck of her ship I notice she is not wearing full regalia but rather her sandy blonde hair swept up in a twirl laced with ribbon weave, and the dark brown or brunette has disappeared. The Captain’s leggings are stark white with a brash of blue turquoise trim around the tops of her boots. Captain Jennifer’s ensemble has just realized that to wear a red skirting over the broadband wavelength of pantaloons just did her credit to the most unusual attire we have since seen her wear! (Grin!) Good for you Captain Jennifer! I am still waiting to find out what we are all standing for. As the Captain sits gingerly on her chair… she briskly addresses me. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Well, Good Morning, little duck! Oh, yes, I finally found out James Galiac’s secret name for you, ha ha..ha…!”

Uthrania: Good Morning, Captain Jennifer, Sir? And how are you today? (I ask pleasantly but without any amusement. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: (Choking with laughter…- Rania) “Well, dear, my goodness, I have never heard of such a thing, addressing one’s Captain and sister as a DUCK!” (More choking with laughterhumph. – Rania)

Uthrania: Would you care to work, Commander? (Unamused. – Rania)

3: 03 pm

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Of course, dear. Ha ha ha… Uhum.. now, where were we?”

Uthrania: No where, Captain. We have not even as yet begun. (I flashed the Captain a sour look. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Well then, we’d better get started. (The Captain straightens up and sits back in her chair, trying to put together a straight face. – Rania)

“Captain, I must apologize. If accepted, I would now like to move on.”

Uthrania: I am ready to proceed, Sir.

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Oh, don’t be down in the mouth at me. Let’s see now, the ostrich in the dell. No, that was given to Francine last week and was..”

Uthrania: What was that about?

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Oh just some straight-laced emphatics about a rhinoceros and the dumbed-down donkey man …bankers and their lucid luck with everybody else’s money. I am just trying to find my notes to th… ah! Here they are! Now, let me see. Alright. The Catholic system is the trying time of New York Mayor, oh, we are not supposed to tell that one’s name yet. O.K. Ready Jamie? I am going to get you to tie off for me yet, son. O.K. Here we go.

Money And The Glitterati

The spendthrift New York Mayor who equalizes on his house payments to the New York Banker Morgan and Chase just threw a real monkey wrench into the poor ol’ Catholic Church’s New York Mayor’s shirt-bottom or tail of such.

“In any case, here comes the Saudi Royals from the line of Talal, the brother of the Saudi King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Abdulrahman of the clan of the Al-Sa’ud. And what are they up to? But good. Indeed Prince Talal is getting aged, as they liked to say at one time, but the far reaches of the Iranian principal just short-ticketed the New York Stock Exchange into bull-running the prerequisite to the Chinese Bounty-Clock. Now, what clock is the most famous in New York? Hemmingrave knew it, and so did Stockholm. And the most prestigious clock in New England?

“Not so new? Just watch it ticking down. A regular bulwark that is. (The Captain lets out a great grin. Smiles. – Rania)

If Walls Could Talk...

“The aqueduct is a vivacious turnpike of the extremities of Ol’ Abe Lincolns last bastion memorial which will soon so unfortunately be coming down, and of this I believe we had forecast out to the waning public some months or year ago, didn’t we, sweet one?

“Now the formaldehyde found in pristine composition of toothless toothpaste can also be found in the crevices in the painted area in the Vatican’s walls. No? Go and look. Ah, with a magnifying glass even. In those crevices are the smallest bullet holes, and we hate to see such composition of Michelangelo’s most recently developed work disintegrate. So we are telling you now, Pope ‘Paul’ the fourth (you figure out who that is) that laden within such crevices is enough powder and chemical liquid fluid to blow half the building to kingdom come where it actually deserves to be.

Profile Of The Usurper And Usurer

“Now, how about this for a symposium, loves? The kettle tea party for Queen Charlotte of the ‘Netherlands,’ could we say, is ‘laced’ (bold that for me will you, Jamie, sweet boy) with cyanide, and the blustery paltry winds which blow no one any good are the rectum of the lion’s last crust of bread, and if we did not say so then another poor ol’ Royal would be blistering and dead. (Bold this one for me, also, Uthrania, please. And please forgive me for my inattentiveness to your …ahum..(grins)…cute name..!).”

Uthrania: Alright you are forgiven, Jennifer, but your turn is surely coming up..(grins)!

(The Captain continues grinning sheepishly though. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Hankering along the lines of formaldehyde is the foremost banking suite, the Nutcracker Cross, wherein the ‘New Banking System’ will learn to grab all the nucleus money in jewels and back drafts right and directly out of the Vatican’s financial computers whilst the City of London, which the Queen is no longer allowed to enter of her will, will be subjected no longer to ‘outrageous,’ as she puts it, ‘taxes’ on any more of ‘her houses.’ (Jamie, place all bolding of words within quotations. In this way I will not need to forever be asking this of you. Thank you, son.)

The Plot Thickens...

“Now, wisp-o-willow down there in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and the Crookshank Polarized Region will be seen - now pay attention to this next one - to offset the Sentinel Region of Hungary all the way to Forsythe, Poland, and you figure out where that is, and back into Malaysia to BRING back the African currency under a new name. That’s right, they will force it to remain NOT under the dinar nor any other reich, but rather a NEW NAME will be given ‘tentatively’ to it IN ORDER to throw China a new left hook!

“Interesting, but less than beguiling I should think, and with the Swastika placed once again firmly in the ground, the Knight’s Templar along with all their swashbucklers and lantoons have relegated a new form to their outlet named the good ol’ Skull and Bones of the journeymen, so well connected to the Masonaries, and do read what was at the base of the Lady of Light off New York.

“Well, shortened file today, Jamie and Captain Uthrania ‘Ducky’ Seila! And ha..ha.. I will be on my way.. (Captain Jennifer Higgins offers me a tender smile and a wide grin for Jamie. Sigh. – Rania) Out. Over and Out.

A Glimpse Into The Life Span Of The Highly Evolved

“Sign off at these coordinates, please, Captain in training, Jamie, Second Class Airman, and doing a pretty good job of it ..too.. 17.5 10 Juxton Class One;

“Forsythe, please neutralize the base coordinates for Captain and Admiral Frank Herman Griffith at Polaroid 4. Hemmingway, out for Gulfstream 10. Shut down all frequencies, please, Captain Uthrania, at a roundabout in the midstream of Alphus 4. Jennifer out.”

Jamie: Happy Birthday, Captain Jennifer! Shutting down coordinates 17.5 10 Juxton Class One. Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Private 2nd Class Airman and Captain-in-training of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8, signing off at 3:42 pm

Uthrania: Shutting down all transmittal frequencies 10.5 Jargon 8 Pristine coordinate with Commander Griffith Sr. and close down Nautical 14.7. Captain Surveyor of the Fireflies and Melots of the Galiac Team, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries- Cortez at 3:44 pm

(Note: I still do not know what we were all standing for. – Rania)

Corporal Bronson: Oh Captain, I am sorry. Let me explain. It is the Captain’s own birthday. She is 102 plus 4 plus. Well, we dare not mention all of the zeros…. (Grin!) And they add up to somewhere around 1200 and 55 years, but not all in the same body. Just a change of venue, as we would say, where the consciousness is not interrupted, as one places it within another structure. That is something to stand for, would you not say, Captain?

Uthrania: Indeed, I would! Thank you, Corporal, for the update. (A slow grin begins to cross my face). (Smiles!) Uthrania Out. 4:00 pm

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Captain Jennifer Higgins' File: (Entry 15) - Entrenched False Teachings To The Entranced!

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