Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 17): Time Travel And Earthen Stealth Weaponry

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Captain Jennifer Higgins speaks of their development of time travel technology and of a mighty power's secret employment of rogue technology up in the skies... - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

" ... But what we may divulge is the effects it will, rather DOES, have on the military might of the world in its overall efforts to track down beacon planes - planes enhanced with chips hidden throughout them as heated particles – and cut them exclusively out of the sky..." - Captain Jennifer Higgins

March 22, 2014 2:00 pm

Uthrania: Ready for the Captain, Lieutenant Waldorf, Sir.

Lieutenant Waldorf: “Indeed. Escaping from one ship to the other is oftimes a bit of a horrendous job with the U.S. military always having us in their sights. We do not always wish to bring down their own bases turning them into radioactive dust. We may from time to time in order to teach them a goodly lesson dismantle all their electronics, but we have in the past and present also designed to do as little harm back to them as we can.

“Times are changing however, and penance gives them a quick response back to themselves as no longer are we willing to put up with their nonsense. Bequeathed onto them now are the bull roaches who deem it necessary to withhold certain information from their military men and women ‘in uniform,’ as they so quaintly say, and because of it they do have enough information with which to make uniformed decisions. Lieutenant Waldorf over and out, Sir. Thank you for listening.”

Uthrania: Thank you, Lieutenant Waldorf, Sir.

(Captain Jennifer Higgins enters into the main aft deck today dressed in royal blue/green ensemble with turquoise laced-up boots of dingy-gray leathered material (not the real thing, thank goodness). The Commander carries herself with a royal dignity as bestowed upon all Captains and Commanders of the Unified Federation of Starships. Captain Jennifer seats herself at the consol and punches in a few quirks and nuances, then rises from the chair in order to take her own. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Good Afternoon, there, Uthrania Seila! And how are you, this day? And Jamie and Reni, too, dear?”

Uthrania: We are all just fine, Captain. I understand you just had a celebrated birthday of over twelve hundred years, Sir?

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Well, yes, dear, indeed I have to my credit.”

Uthrania: And how is the old bucket of bones doing this evening, Sir? (I slowly show my teeth in a grin. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: (The Captain puts back her head and lets out a yowl of laughter! – Rania) Well, (Choking back the tears – Rania) “I guess I sure deserved that one, Captain! And to your credit, Sir, do I bow! (Captain Jennifer Higgins is still yowling in laughter! – Rania) So, shall we carry on then, before we become sidetracked all the further, love?” (The Captain is still choking back her laughter. – Rania)

Uthrania: At your service, Sir. Whenever you are ready. (I smile at Commander Jennifer Higgins. – Rania)

Skipping Around The Fabric Of Time

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Well, do you know Samuel Dickens, love? He is the chief engineer for the Paxstons Suite Four on the Lethbridge Pontiac Intrepid, and he has just calculated the approximity of Murphus Four, in generating a new time warp which will allow each of us with our new pattern buffers to sinuate the DNA warp feature …..”

Uthrania: No, I am not aware of this engineer, Jennifer, but I find your topic of concern very interesting. So the pattern buffer is to be altered in order that the molecules of DNA patterns are able to move through time warps. Is that right, Sir?

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “More than that, love, is the very estranged-to-us feature of molecule transmission through a vortex of time travel without, now get this, little doll, without, Captain Uthrania, the mutation to the bodily or soul structure in trying, and we might say, without success, in the over productive capacity of lining the perimeters of the fact-machine with an overlay of dementia to be later straightened out by a replica of pattern buffer inlay due to the coordinated preference of all helix-DNA aptitudes, parse. So now we have caught you up to spec on this one, love, let us now proceed on with our current dictation, shall we?”

Uthrania: At your service, Captain. (I again offer Captain Jennifer Higgins one of my winning smiles which she again instigates back. – Rania)

Truth In The Royal Vaults

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “I just love your overly correctiveness in behavior, Uthrania. So now quickly let us begin. Now, where were we from last time? Oh, I don’t even remember. Well, how about this sheet then. Begin recording, helmsman. Pictorial Three.”

Helmsman, Deuchman: “Aye, Sir. Course laid in.”

Captain Jennefer Higgins: (The Captain clears her throat. – Rania) “Sanctimonious with all church doctrine is …the climatic affair of the Royal House of London, and there is a reason we call it that, and that is to underscore the perimeters of that territory which is NOT allowed to their heiress-ship. Umm, I wonder not why?

“This needs to get out, for the fun in the belfry just broke a stool-pigeon, and, Tony Blair, and don’t you even think to touch our people and prophets, Sir, …and Tony Blair has acquisitioned the turnpike or, uh, sorry, Turnkey to the Vatican Vaults and is sequesting the polarization of the ‘Truth’ back into the vaults of the City of London, rah, rah, rah.

“So, in other words, the Dutch is out of the bag and the Royal sequence of all hidden doctrine and Truth, as it were once believed, has once again sectioned the Queen, Elizabeth, the old girl, the II, right out of her mind. But not quite, for this lady is not the ordinary lady-in-waiting for someone to dementia herself into believing that which is no longer proved by us to be true. Good for her!!! Long live Queen Elizabeth Two

Do Not Even Think We Still Do Not Retaliate

“Now, the other matter under discussion with Captain Jerome Greek Melford ..”

Uthrania: Rutherford, Jennifer.

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “I am sorry, Sir, I was led to believe ..well, are you sure about this?”

Uthrania: That I am, Captain.

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Captain Jerome Greek Rutherford has engaged the most interesting element to his arsenal or array of weaponry against the militaries of any world such as yours on Angorius. And do you wish to know what that is, Captain, without our giving the game away?” (Captain Higgins smiles. – Rania)

Uthrania: As long as no secrets are told. Fire away, Captain. (I flash Captain Higgins a smile back. – Rania)

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “Saultmore Pectine. Ever heard of it, lass?”

Uthrania: No, Jennifer, I have not.

On Blowing Up A Plane

Captain Jennifer Higgins: “In that case, I will not tell you. But what we may divulge is the effects it will, rather DOES, have on the military might of the world in its overall efforts to track down beacon planes - planes enhanced with chips hidden throughout them as heated particles – and cut them exclusively out of the sky.

“These synchronized trackers are what we call ‘spandex affairs.’ We call them that because the beacon chips built into each new plane for other countries’ governments and military to purchase, have a heat detector which plane, if blown to pieces, is able to track the source coming at it in all directions, firing back a sequence of coordinates to the U.S. military base hidden in the mountainous area of the Himalayas, Greece, and Poland, and in doing so the ‘weather’ balloons are hollowed-out to meet the farce of ploy, and ingenuity is then offered to the seclusive government agents as an apology for:

“’Whatever happened to your plane was definitely not our fault. But here is what we will do to help you in your crisis and plight: we will send over a couple of high-grade plutonium with our engineers of high rank, and they will fire a couple of grade shots into whatever is left of the material, and we will measure the radioactive sequence of waves left behind and tell you who, if anyone, was responsible. But we can tell you right now, it was not us.’

“Well offered with a smile and a wave, and anyone seriously believing this dementia is well coordinated to be in the Deva Chan without a boat.

“Good Evening and Good Night from our end.

“Please sign off coordinates for me today, Uthrania, and please advise Jamie to hurry on with his itinerary, and I will catch him next time. Good Bye!” (And with a wave of her hand, Captain Jennifer Higgins, the multimillion dollar woman escapes her chair and quickly dashed out of the door. – Rania)

Uthrania: Peanuckle 10, signing off Hemmingway High Command for Captain Jennifer Higgins. Captain Surveyor of the Fireflies and Melots of the Galiac Team, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez at 2:49 pm.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 16): On Money, Power And Enslavement

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Interesting post!

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wow how interesting...I look forward to the results of your engineers how the plane was demolished....

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Oh, Carolina, they are not our engineers, but those belonging to the faction who are most responsible for "disasters" and "accidents."

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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