Captain Jeremiah Higgin’s File (Entry 13): The Rise And Fall Of Empires

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Captain Jeremiah Higgins speaks of (in)famous historical figures "whose lives he magnifies by accentuating their negative attributes from glorified status to their eventual fall from grace, their respective nations represented." - Scribed by Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

“Well, the soul rarely dies, and in disease valley did the tripper-up of the nations not only dry-gulch Abraham Lincoln and his pursuer John F. Kennedy out of coin and penny, but knew them as the fine Statesmen which they really are, and we state ‘are’ simply because their soul reincarnates and lives on not only as the people they personified but as the people they now are. - Captain Jeremiah Higgins

February 2, 2014 2:00 pm

1:49 pm

Uthrania: On board, Sir.

“Captain, if you wish to begin at ten to two, you may catch Captain Jeremiah Higgins coming on deck in all his regalia!” – Sergeant Bartooth

Corporal Higgins, Ethan: “Ready Sir. Here comes the Captain!”

Uthrania: Thank you both. (Captain Jeremiah Higgins enters the bridge decked out in all fine regalia with purple plumes dashing from the top of his helmet and the orangey-red stripes on the outlay of his pants. Top-high brilliantly-polished dark brown boots harbour not a sole of shortened stirrup from beneath both pant legs; but espouse a firm grasp on the floor of the deck is he so well attuned to. Gracious endeavor, Captain Jeremiah Higgins is the delight of the crew as his brown overcoat from some period of earth’s desolate history has the Commander firmly entrenched in the water-boot also of the day. Goulashes with caped reference under his overcoat. Interestingly enough….Rania)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Rania, are you ready to begin, lass? Hello and Good Morning, Jamie, though the afternoon sits well enough with you two, and three awaiting his own - very own. Now let’s get down to work, shall we?”

Uthrania: Aye, Sir.

"From The Sublime To The Ridiculous"

1:56 pm

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “The ostrich society. We will speak on the ostrich society today, loves. Now let us begin, for as surely as the ostrich reaches for its tired-out old plume will the duck in all its graciousness reach down just as far in the water, for its own feeding ground withers not under the sun-baked earth.

“The Pontiac news of the day relays the prime feature on the noonday news, and that is ultra ..quite contrary to the first plague which beset man, humankind, in the late forties of the Riviera Hodge-podge - land over the scape - doth the monkey-run its liquor all around the surface dredge of Waterloo!

Now, those of you who know your history so well should have long ago picked up what Napoleon had done on the underside of the war-grid which brought him first to power and then to utter and dismal ruination!

“Dids’t you once think that the ultra-possibility was thrust upon poor Napoleon to run his ranks forward into a hair-splitting epilogue of creatures so winter-frosted and barren that even the spikes on the long guns were rusting in the weather?

Lessons Of Waterloo

“But then Hildegard, the national, came into the picture from well behind the scenes, and which of you grand little historians ever find out about this lurid creature with the once brown wavy hair and the temper of a bottomless snake pitted out throughout New Jersey which at the time was in New England far across the waves of the water?

Let me tell you of the fright poor Hildegard gave to Master Napoleon, Jamie, lad! The auspicious most frightening event happened in the quarter-man’s section of the Pontius ship, and the cataract of Toledo fair-sank the Queen’s Boatman of which her most prominent lacquer was given to its boards along with the ever coveted creosol along each edge of each plank.

“But the dust rolled off of Old Glory, and that was years later, to be sure. But likewise does not history tend in repeating itself over the decades, centuries, and years, which does not learn the lessons of another’s war?

Defeat, Like History, Repeats Itself

“Air Cadets in the United States, Great Britain, and good Ol’ England not mystify the jettisons whom if it were known had migrated in their souls back from the time of good ‘ol Napoleon and his sanctuary up there in mountain village while the awestruck of them all tended in mending his glucose feathers in a symbiotic attack upon the British and their Cavaliers, sending the Templars well back off the tracks to serve another of their ‘antedotes’ to the British troops, for their recovery out of the blistering snow and ice. And in Napoleon’s day the henchmen of the British League of over-layer boys and girls feathering away their train upon every barstool that there is, overlaid many ‘boys’ with their simian pleasure.

“In each tavern there was play, and a complete fissurement of human to rash came dramatically into sight, and the ointment upon the draft was one which even Napoleon could not foster an answer to. So, many of his men perished, not because of stab nor rifle wounds, but because the front was so close to the laced-up portion of their pants.

(Captain Higgins shifts his torso in his chair and leaning slightly back and sideways reviews in his mind, the words he has just spoken. – Rania)

Pride Comes Before The Fall!

“Cleopatra, Napoleon, all great fighters for the victory of love, never once declared their victory as historical textbooks would have it - prematurely!

“The very nuance of each feature of life’s pre-inhibitions with the both of them, and Marcus Webb as well from the fourteenth century had established aforehand what was to stand and what should have fallen.

“Cleopatra, for instance, began to water down the wheat for the starving people so the grain was already grown in their bellies to a formidable size, and in doing so ruined most of the crop. The lady did better the next season, but by then many of her patronizers died, to say the least.

“But the hen and the brocade around the tentacles of Rome deliberately decided to hit the poor Queen right beyond her ken, and that is why the viper took of her life after poor Marcus died, for his soul was till trapped in time due to the fourteenth century of drug lords who gave him one run for his money, they, themselves, stole all throughout history, and poor Marcus tried to tell on them.

Exemplary Lives Of Reincarnated Souls

“Well, the soul rarely dies, and in disease valley did the tripper-up of the nations not only dry-gulch Abraham Lincoln and his pursuer John F. Kennedy out of coin and penny, but knew them as the fine Statesmen which they really are, and we state ‘are’ simply because their soul reincarnates and lives on not only as the people they personified but as the people they now are. Good Night, and have fun putting this one on, lad, as we have in our words given to you all!

“Please tie off channel, son, and I will be kind to give you the coordinates. Fulson Ten .5 Needlepoint Enlist 12. Cautia 10. Fulsome Blue Ranking 8 and leave Luzon open also for our good Admiral Frank Herman Grifford before Uthrania tells me I forgot.” (Captain Jeremiah Higgins leans further to the side in his bench chair of slightly purple, and with a satisfied look upon his face he reclines and relaxes. – Rania)

Jamie: Tying off for Captain Higgins at coordinates Fulson Ten .5 Needlepoint Enlist 12. Cautia 10. Fulsome Blue Ranking 8, leaving Luzon open also Admiral Frank Herman Grifford. Signing out 2:28 pm, Private 2nd Class Airman, Captain in training, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Captain Jeremiah Higgins’ File (Entry 12): Cloak-And-Dagger Writ

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