Captain Jeremiah Higgin’s File (Entry 14): Miscellany For The Few Including Steve, Mark, and Fern

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Here is another coded writ from Captain Jeremiah Higgins whose meaning will not be completely lost on the elites of wealth and power. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

Do not therefore take any of these words verbatim nor think you just might know what we mean, for the broad end of the caucus of Pigs Village will find the majority of them still digging in the same old trough just to per trend the overlayers of their own businesses out of the caucus, Congress, and senatorial powers." - Captain Jeremiah Higgins

February 4, 2014 6:00 pm

5:50 pm

Uthrania: On standby for Captain Jeremiah Higgins, Esquire, Lieutenant.

“Aye, Sir! Indeed is the Captain already awaiting your service, Captain Uthrania, and I also am in need of a small break.” Symington, Jarad, Staff Lieutenant

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Well, lass and laddies, it is high time the altercation of the prime suspects in the Rudolf case out of New York to Great Britain come to its final end, and trepidation in all serious outbreaks of the Typhoid flu bug will naturally run its course without a claim from those in the places of hierarchy triplicate compounds - already manifested themselves through the creators of such spore-atic gestures.

“A whole lot of clues in this one sentence, loves. Just enough in fact to not alert the diagram of all nauseous study and yet to alert the very ones in the back pricing range to adhere to public exposure by denying them the antedote to squelch the dying ‘Neptune bug’ right out of its lethargic existence.

“So, Jamie, boy, put this on day after your tomorrow, and let us relax not, Steve, in the fine sojourning of each article which brings sorrow to its end by not denying the truth of the holocauste of those nations whose deed it was to depend upon the powers to protect their national resources instead of relinquishing the land and its powers, the people, to the overlords who think nothing of meeting the canal with its overtones toward the gay and pretty fish down lethargic so deep within their waters.

“Tone of any incident created or manifested evilly or not, and we do realize, son, you have not much of any idea of that which we speak; just continue to write it down when we give it to you and remember to put your scribing signature upon your work, as the last summary did you neglect when the last three-fourths of the itinerary was actually scribing by us. Uthrania, please go in and fix.

In Wine Is Truth

“Now, the diatram of all peculiarities lies in the modification of a dram of wine. And why would I allude to wine as being in a dram of all ye little token drinkers? Due to the fact that most grapes being now produced contain a chalk-like substance thrown into the vat to be once stomped on and now pressed with machine, give to the wine just a little more effervesence, and because of it, our foremost connoisseur, the Fern boy, helps the public in their most prestige understanding through his own highly-trained culinary tongue!

Stipend is the normality for a drinking establishment in Ireland, Norfolk and Public Domain Number Three, Downing Street. Cambridge University has taken the top off the bottle, indeed, but on the well-deserving graduates, and not undergraduates, get to taste the zest, and pomp to go along with it. Right, Fern, m’lad? Good. Then let’s move on to the real subject of just why we are here.

Grit Your Teeth

“Cambridge University has us once again fraught with worry as one graduate after another, following yet another, have written on the breastplate: Novas Aclaman Gotche, which means in Latin: The little red bird ate the brown squirrel. Well, perhaps this makes no sense to those of you who are irate with the writings up to date, but believe you me, there are those in high up places who do spontaneously KNOW EXACTLY what we mean!

So, tie off all channel theories from here on out for us, Jamie, for we think you are now ready and willing to do our work. Farsight more than posting, our lad, and then the lady-in-waiting will be once again in the tooth decay list, and those ones will we throw out of our mouths. So good for you, lad, for the braces upon the henchmen’s teeth are masterfully put in by the lady dental practitioner who KNOWS her work is actually far from over.

The Moon Is A Ship!

“Radio sequences out of the mouth of these high-up babes will not gloss over their own Reich, for when the syllable hits the dwarfed-up Pentagon, so will all the airlocks come crashing down, and verbatim will ride up the horse on the back of Napoleon Bonaparte. For when his horse stood, so did the verbatim obstetrician who, and after a fashion, divide Napoleon Bonaparte with a sword, and a lump of clay did the obstetrician form a new set of teeth for the one babe in the woods who happened to be one of their own.

Do not therefore take any of these words verbatim nor think you just might know what we mean, for the broad end of the caucus of Pigs Village will find the majority of them still digging in the same old trough just to per trend the overlayers of their own businesses out of the caucus, Congress, and senatorial powers.

“Goodness gracious, but is it that time already, lasses and laddies? The moon has hit its final traction orbit, and if you think the moon does not move an inch then remember it is a satellite ship, and that ship is a planet where on the dark side of the moon great rolling hills and a pastureland with groves of trees embark on a pilgrimage to other lands festered with non-apprentive-type ships who don their gay apparel in relaxing their stipend to the dry-gulch of the dry side of the North moon, and in doing so, again do the cosmonauts of Russia and the astronauts of the United States and the tweaked nation of Calcutta bask in the dry winds of October.

Signing Off On Countdown

Next December however, Steve Kinsman, will be the month of no-return, for one aeronaut came close to losing his life and limb climbing out too close to the ‘weather-vane’ whose enlistment was to only grab onto the Canadian arm out there in White Elephant land.

“Please put this on consecutively, Jamie, m’boy, and don’t worry in the least about your tie-off for we will give you the coordinates summarily.

“Good Day and Good Night, you two. Reni, leave out of the picture the graphic designs on your Facebook in relation to the Stars and Stripes Forever. Good Day, son, and Good Night, from Captain Jeremiah Higgins, Esquire of the Seventeen Moons prix past Jupiter’s Third, itself.

“Sign off, Jamie, coordinates 5.6 and relay the rest into your headlinks will we do of the shortened hour. Good Day, readers all, and thank you for your tremendous courage and vigilance, Steve. And Mark, please make note that the cow gives birth a breach. Be warned then and Good Day.” 6:28 pm

Jamie: Signing off for Captain Jeremiah Higgins at coordinates 5.6, Glendale 11.3, leaving Luzon open also for Admiral Frank Herman Grifford. Signing out 6:30 pm, Tie-off scribed by Private 2nd Class Airman, Captain in training, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Captain Jeremiah Higgin’s File (Entry 13): The Rise And Fall Of Empires

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