Captain Jeremiah Higgins File: (Entry 16) - The "Frackingsteins" Of Your Earth!

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Captain Jeremiah Higgins treats us to his picturesque language describing matters most foul that have befallen Earth which include FRACKING that destroys the environment and ultimately life. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

" ... your earthly body is catapulting out of the sea waves an odor of such wicked scent that even the walruses in Northern Canada cannot help themselves but to seek dryer land where the odorous scent cannot be smelled to such extent as to make the walruses sick with nausea." - Captain Jeremiah Higgins

March 22, 2014 12:30 pm

11:50 am

Uthrania: At the keyboard, Captain Lieutenant Waldorf Sr., Sir.

Lieutenant Waldorf Sr.: “We got you, Captain. Thank you, Sir.”

(Captain Jeremiah Higgins enters the room with a duck suit on for skin-diving in a dark navy blue. The Captain quickly seats himself with no room for time-a-wasting. – Rania)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Well, Uthrania Seila, I see you are right on time. And forgive me for my appearance this morning in your time, but the billboard design on the Austrickz was pulmonating over to the north side of the fence, and I had to run as quickly as I could to leap over the duckquill of sentinal ….well, anyway, I must go back as soon as possible, and knowing you had your slate filled, the both of you and three, I believed I must take this opportunity to wire to you these brief diagrams from above and enlist you both and three on yet another project. Have you entered back into the slate of Captain Herman Griffith your work concisely yet?”

Uthrania: No, Captain Higgins, we are rather stumped at this point.

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Well, perhaps we may be able to help you all, but right now I must enlist your services once again to ensure the record be kept straight and not modified, as they love to do with our words upon that earth – Angorius speaking of course of.

“Now, duly, Jamie, son, must you not wait with this file either, but there is also no rush should other itinerary you have been given to work on by Captain James Galiac come into the forefront of the day or even evening hours. Captain Sims will accompany you back to work on the tenth day of the month of November, the both and three of you. So never fear there is going to be a layover with one or more of you remaining behind. Now, down to work, lad. Move over and let Uthrania take the controls.”

Jamie: Yes, Sir. Captain Higgins.

Uthrania: Ready Captain.

The Stench Of Your Seas!

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “The pulmonary device on Artimus 10 three scopes the general pathetic ostriching of the mere enlightenment given to such populace. They are hopeless, in our view, and as such will be discussing of leaving the orbit around that world and return home to the Andromeda Section at 4.2 Melowave. Get that frequency on line also please, Captain.”

Uthrania: Got it. Yes, Sir.

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Now ostriching around planet Angorius, your earthly body is catapulting out of the sea waves an odor of such wicked scent that even the walruses in Northern Canada cannot help themselves but to seek dryer land where the odorous scent cannot be smelled to such extent as to make the walruses sick with nausea.

Of Earth Despoiled!

“And what is the formation or source of this scent, dearly deluded ones? The fracking of the gas layer below the surface with deadly chemical compound, and the Indians and Eskimos have hardly begun their epic with the oil rich companies about this dirge, fashioning their contempt to the Ontario Government and Prime Minister Harper himself.

“Towit, does the factious corporate powers not care one whit for the lives of others living in the great northern land of Winnipeg, as the tunnel drilling is manufactured as being the only source of real-life power underground to meet all the requirements of the shadow Canadian Government – and yes, they have one too – set up by the NDP. So the Judges quite often rule against these corporate powers or ‘beasts,’ as they call them quite accurately. Now, let us move on to more picturesque esquires of the holy halls of Britain, shall we?

Even The Seabeds Were Not Spared

“On the northern border of England lies a Temohawk radio beacon station, and this is not to ward the ducks off the bridge of a deck, but rather to emit such frequency as to knowledge (don’t have a word for this, so you just have to kind-of guess as to its meaning) the swift currents under the very seabed. And now listen to this, lads and ladies, that under the very seabed are MORE than crevices, they are laced with duck-oil, meaning the pulmonary fracking has eventually brought the bunkers, those idiots, to seize full of gas through the modification of hydrolink capacity in moving around the molecules to hybrid stage which in effect dissolves each tenet of space within the rooms of the underground bunker, moving the gases through and within all modifications which in effect will gas them all to death slowly as they wait their turn for hieroglyphics to rotate on their heal of even hiding the translators of our messages away from public eye in order that the real thing be calculated on the basis of ‘leave it intact’ for the ones who come after to sort out just what they want written for the public consumption, and that of which they do not.

And Distort Our Words They Will Once Again!

Keeping hidden and secret from public view used to belong only to such forums as the Vatican and Mosque literature, but now the Holy See has at its disposal so much more hidden material since we began back in the twentieth century all over again, that many scholars have sequencely tailored the brime with the penlots in order that all parchment be corrected to their verbium and rewritten again in parts so as to continue in giving the populace of the Catholic Church something presumably old, and Nottingham followed suit with duping the Protestant division of carelessness not, but a HUNKY-DORY OF METHODOLOGIC ACQUIESCENCE OF PRODUCING A LIKENESS OF OUR WORK SO AS TO BE UNDISCOVERED AND TO MET OUT PUNISHMENT IN THE HALL OF HORRORS IN PENDRAGON WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT UP IN IT THEMSELVES.

“Be well assured then that these fowl-played ones will NOT MISS THEIR OWN EVACUATION WITH US, BUT FULLY INTEND THAT YE ONES DO!!

“Captain Jeremiah Higgins signing out for myself on this wave channel Melowave 4.2 Andromeda Section. Out. 12:24 pm Station X.”

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Captain Jeremiah Higgins File: (Entry 15) - Questions And Answers On HAARP

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another fascinating page...

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Thank your for your comment, Carolina, and heartfelt message.

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Have a great evening!

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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you too dear Ones....

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Thank you for sharing such interesting work. I loved the photo titled "Scribing from the starship" Smiles to you on this fine day.

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Greetings, Nancy. It is a pleasure to meet with you on such a fine day!

We trust your enthusiasm and interest in the work we do alongside the Starship Commanders and the Mancharians continue in assisting you with a further understanding of universal acumen and what is going on around you, upon this, your earthen plateau, Angorius.

We wish you continued success in all your endeavors, our friend.

Have a great day unto yourselves!

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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Greetings to you also, I' m quite familiar to the ways of the universe. I look foward to a great frienship.

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Our pleasure to meet you, Nancy.

Thank you for the comment.

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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